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Mar 10th, 2018
3 mins

CoolKit joins Ford Qualified Vehicle Modifier Program

CoolKit has been approved for Ford’s QVM scheme, which ensures the quality of converted vehicles meets high standards in manufacture and quality control.

As a Qualified Vehicle Modifier Program (QVM) converter, CoolKit now provides a warranty for the conversion that matches Ford’s own in terms of mileage and duration.

Steve Wilkinson, head of operations, worked with the auditors to achieve the accreditation. He said: “We have been evaluated by a Ford Motor Company on criteria such as engineering capabilities, manufacturing process, quality control and adhering to Ford QVM guidelines.

“Because the program assists approved manufacturers in developing a high-quality conversion process, customers can feel confident that the finished product will meet high expectations.”

The QVM Program requires converters to have an annual facility inspection and review, conform with all Ford industry guidelines for vehicle conversions and comply with all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

The programme also requires CoolKit to follow the 7 quality management principles in ISO9001 – which the Burnley-based company recently achieved a 100% success rate in.

The assessment covered a quality plan which involved proof of management commitment, employee involvement, engineering capabilities, manufacturing environment, process control, quality control and the sign-off of the completed vehicle prior to customer delivery together with customer support provided.


Nicola James, LCV Product Marketing Manager at Ford of Britain, said: “Ford are delighted that CoolKit have joined the Qualified Vehicle Modifier Programme.  Convertors who join the programme have to meet the highest standards in manufacture and quality control, assessed by Ford.


“We are looking forward to working with CoolKit to offer an even wider choice of vehicles to meet customers individual business needs.”


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