by FBI Food Group
Jan 11th, 2021
4 mins

FBI Food Group are a food importer and distributor specialising in fully cooked chicken & Roasted duck. With several brands under the banner we are perfectly positioned to fulfil any requirements you may have. For all your whole muscle Coated Chicken requirements we offer The Crown brand. The Crown Coated Chicken range includes but is not limited to breaded , battered, and southern fried flavours of products such as fillets , goujons , chunks , popcorn and more. Our newest product – Crown Crispy Shredded Chicken was launched at the beginning of 2020. Initially launched under the original flavour profile , the product has been one of the companies fastest growing products with Salt & Chilli now available for those who prefer more heat! Additional flavours are currently being developed by our team of world class technical and quality experts so keep an eye out for more exciting product developments coming soon. In addition to the Crown range we have worked alongside top Chefs from all over the world to develop a Japanese Food to Go range under the Shefu brand. The range includes spring rolls , Kara age , Tatsuta , Katsu Fillets and more, the perfect partner to make your menu stand out from the crowd!

FBI Food Group UK & Ireland Sales Manager , Bradley Mole said “When launching new products it is vital that the all of the ranges we sell offer something different to what is already available on the market. We believe the success of our products comes from offering products that bring the restaurant quality to the consumer. Our products are always produced with quality at the front of our mind. We have a dedicated team who work around the clock to ensure that our products stand out. As a company we are very flexible and able to adapt the way we work to ensure we meet our customers demands. We now plan to build on the great success of the Crown Crispy Shredded Chicken and look forward to launching more products and working with new customers in 2021”

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