by Dawn Foods Ltd
Dec 22nd, 2021
3 mins

Dawn Foods has developed a unique new highly freeze/thaw-stable, non-sticky donut glaze which will allow bakery manufacturers to supply longer shelf-life donuts that do not end up in a sticky mess inside the shelf-ready packaging.

The first of its kind in the bakery industry, Dawn Exceptional Non-Sticky Donut Glaze uses a patent-pending propriety formulation that prevents the migration of moisture from the glaze to the donut. The glaze is applied at manufacturing stage to give a sheer and wrinkle free glaze to either ambient or frozen donuts. Highly tolerant even at low temperatures, Dawn’s Non-Sticky Donut Glaze has a low oil uptake on the donut and as it contains no fat, it does not give a fatty mouthfeel either.

Once applied, the new glaze remains stable and non-sticky for up to five days in packaging and, as a result, the donut itself stays fresher for longer. Not only does the finished donut look much more appealing to the consumer as the pack is no longer messy, but it maintains its soft and fresh eating quality for longer too.

Working well on large industrial scale donut production lines, Dawn Exceptional Non-Sticky Donut Glaze is Titanium Dioxide-free, vegan-suitable, free from fat and food colours.

Use of the new glaze opens more donut packaging design options for food manufacturers, particularly for individually wrapped products. For the retailer, the opportunity to sell packaged glazed donuts with the peace of mind of clean, mess-free donuts, along with increased shelf life and less waste, is a big plus, claims Dawn Foods.

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