Mar 10th, 2020
4 mins

Erudus launch API Integration with ERP software house Merlin


Jon Shayler, chief operating officer at Erudus

Erudus have teamed up with ERP software house Merlin for an API integration that will streamline the communication of nutritional and allergen data to even more businesses across the ever-growing foodservice landscape.


With the introduction of new regulations and legislation such as Natasha’s Law, the demand for up-to-date, accurate and honest food data is set to rocket and Merlin join a growing number of API integration partners Erudus are excited to be working with to streamline and simplify the communication of such data.


Ashley Jones, Sales and Marketing Director of Merlin says: “The food and drink distribution industry has been a key market sector for us since the early days of the business, and we’ve recognised the vital importance for our customers to have instant access to accurate and up to date product information on ingredients and allergens; so we jumped at the chance to develop an Erudus integration.”


Erudus hope that Merlin having their data on tap will not only help attract new business but will also save their existing customers hours of time each month by having access to a single source of accurate information that would otherwise be spent manually importing data.


Erudus COO Jon Shayler explains “Integration partnerships allow us to push food product data even further across the industry, supporting brands, wholesalers and caterers alike. It’s a time-consuming process for the foodservice chain to manage product specification data and exploring options with companies such as Merlin allows us to reach more people and make their life easier.”


Phil Nicholson, Sales & Marketing Manager of foodservice Wholesaler Q Catering, who use both Erudus and Merlin software says “Our office and telesales team are frequent users [of Erudus], and now that the API link has pulled through relevant allergen and nutritional data and imagery into Merlin, they are in a position where they can answer product questions literally at the click of a button. Reps in the field benefit from the same luxury, as they can research product data whilst using Merlin – instead of having to open up Erudus separately or make unnecessary telephone calls to colleagues. It also helps us greatly in our advancement towards online ordering and a transactional web presence.”


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