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The Future of Imports Webinar

The future of imports: key guidance on customs rules for trade between UK and EU - 17th August 14:00, 1hr session.

The government have been phasing in border controls for most goods throughout 2021, with new import border control processes in full effect from 1st January 2022.

This webinar will give you full insight into the future of imports from the EU into the UK and what key guidance you need to know in order to continue trading without friction.

We’ll cover off:

  • Rules of Origin (RoO) and how businesses can benefit from the TCA zero tariff when demonstrating the origin of their goods
  • What safeguard measures are in place and when a Product of Animal Origin (POAO) needs to be accompanied by a health certificate
  • How to use IPAFFS (Import of Product, Animals, Food and Feed System) to submit notifications in advance of the goods arrival

We’ll be highlighting important information from the new Border Operating Model to give you a comprehensive overview of customs processes on imports from the EU.

If your business struggled to catch up with the export rules, join us for this import masterclass to get ahead of the game and ensure a smooth transition.

Join us and our key speakers on Tuesday 17th August at 2pm.

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