by Excelerate Ltd
Mar 28th, 2022
7 mins

The introduction by the UK Government of the Plastic Packaging Tax on the 1st April 2022 is going to have a dramatic effect upon the packaging industry, with a requirement for products to contain a minimum of 30% recycled content to avoid paying the anticipated charge of £200 per tonne of material.

It could be said that the policy’s aims are indeed laudable, encouraging manufacturers to concentrate their efforts on higher degrees of sustainability within their own supply chains and reduce both energy input and virgin material usage on production lines.  This will no doubt, increase the importance of ensuring that due diligence for re-processed plastics is met and of high standards, whether the actual materials processing is undertaken at a separate facility or on the manufacturer’s own site.

However, the likelihood of increased costs as the PPT is implemented does appear unavoidable, with manufacturers, distributors and end users having to incorporate this into their own margins and pricing strategies, while also seeing many other expenses spiral upwards in our currently volatile economic climate.

Excelerate Ltd, a leading innovator in the field of pallet wrap films, have been all too aware of the implications and difficulties the new tax may incur and can now boast the introduction of their new Goliath PCW nanofilm.  Goliath PCW retains all the incredible strength and stretch properties of the original film and is available at the same cost-effective price.  Crucially, because this film contains 30% post-consumer recycled content, it is exempt from the Plastic Packaging Tax charge.

Considerable effort has been made to ensure that the recycled content for Goliath PCW comes from certified and traceable external sources prior to being used in the production process.  The PPT strictly prohibits on-site scrap or regrind being added back into extrusion machinery, since these are still technically virgin materials that have not wholly left the manufacturing stage.  By contrast, post-consumer plastic waste comprises end of life products that come from everyday household waste.  Incorporating end of life plastic into our Goliath PCW film makes a genuine and credible impact in reducing landfill waste, clearly beneficial for the environment.

Not only does this film use recycled content, it is also 100% recyclable in itself and can form part of circular economies within a multitude of industries.

With manufacturing and logistics strongly focused upon building sustainable and socially responsible supply chains, every link in the chain must be scrutinised for accountability, including raw materials, labour, energy use, emissions and logistics, to name just a handful of monitored variables.  Goliath PCW wrapping film has been developed with such stringent green requirements in mind and provides assurance that environmental credentials can be maintained throughout the entire production or distribution process.

Goliath PCW film is available in both hand and machine wrap rolls, making it suitable for all types of packing operations, be they manual or automated processes.

Excelerate has also developed a range of breathable films that also include 30% recycled post-consumer waste material.  As with Goliath PCW, these films retain all the practicality and durability of the original product, with the added benefit of a positive impact on corporate sustainability.

With clear exemption from the Plastics Packaging Tax, Goliath and breathable PCW films will play their own part in helping business keep costs down as far as possible, all while still retaining market leading performance.

You can see Goliath PCW in operation for yourself in the upcoming Food & Drink Exhibition 2022 at the Birmingham NEC between the dates of 25th and 27th April (stand L198, Hall 6) or alternatively the Packaging Innovations & Empack show, held again at the NEC between 25th and 26th May (stand A8).   Excelerate will be demonstrating this new film at both shows and look forward to seeing you there.


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