May 11th, 2020
4 mins

Exciting new eco-friendly packaging for BigFish™ range

JCS Fish has relaunched its BigFish™ range of frozen salmon products in completely redesigned packs that have also cut the brand’s use of plastic by around 60%.


The eye-catching new design features an image from some 25 years ago of JCS founder, Andrew Coulbeck, holding a large salmon.  It appears on new cardboard packaging across the BigFish range of frozen salmon fillets, breaded salmon bites and fish cakes and has eliminated the brand’s use of dual polymer plastic bags.


Commercial manager, Jack Coulbeck, says: “Our aim was to cut as much plastic packaging as possible and give the brand a refresh at the same time. We’ve worked hard to find the most responsible supply chain for our salmon so it’s only natural that we should also want to find the most sustainable packaging solution to put it in.”


BigFish is the first brand in the UK to commit to responsibly sourced fish through the GGN aquaculture label, which appears on all the new packs.  JCS Fish is also the only UK seafood company so far to have made the source of all its fish fully transparent through the Ocean Disclosure Project.


The new packs are already stocked in independent retailers across the UK and available online through Ocado and the BigFish website.  The BigFish brand is perfect for consumers seeking to stock up on healthy, convenient frozen products and has seen an upturn of about 150%* in its online sales since the start of the current lockdown.


Co-founder Louise Coulbeck comments: “Although Andy was initially reluctant for us to use his mugshot on the packs, the younger members of our team all thought it was great and we’re delighted with the new look.  Given that times got pretty tough in March with the Coronavirus lockdown, we initially held back on our relaunch but now feel the time is right for some colourful new branding.  It certainly looks good in the freezer and is a boost to our hardworking team, helping us all look forward – hopefully to some more cheerful times ahead.”


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