by Lamb-Weston/Meijer VOF
Jun 21st, 2023
4 mins

The world of fries has never been the same since Lamb Weston EMEA developed it’s thrilling, radically different, top selling and much loved Twister Fries.

The world leading potato processing giant invented the first water gun knife back in 1960 in order to create the game changing fun fries and there’s been no end of remarkable, top quality new products since then.

Well stand by, as the next raft of exciting new potato products prepares to rock the foodservice nation and make waves in the company’s already well developed sustainability plan!

The innovative company, whose mantra is ‘Seeing possibilities in potatoes’ – has opened a new Innovation Centre in Bergen op Zoom, in the Netherlands.

Featuring a small scale production line, or pilot line, the new centre offers the opportunity to experiment and develop new products using different potato varieties, cutting techniques, chip shapes and flavours.  And it also gives Lamb Weston EMEA the opportunity to test sustainable production techniques they hope will lead to less use of energy and water too.

The grand opening, on 8 June, took place in the presence of employees, suppliers and the mayor of the city.  This new facility enhances the company’s ability to develop and test new products and processes on a small scale, accelerating Lamb Weston’s innovation worldwide.

Marc Schroeder, President International of Lamb Weston, said “This Innovation Centre enables us to bring even more and better initiatives to our customers and consumers, driving best in class product and processing innovation to deliver our loved potato products to more people, in a more sustainable way.”

Frank Petter, Mayor of Bergen op Zoom, added, “This Innovation Centre is located in the centre of an innovative hub with the DAB (Delta Agriculture Business) and agri/technical schools.  This already turned out to be a perfect breeding ground for new ideas in the past and also gives further growth opportunities in our total agri/food sector.”

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