Jun 22nd, 2020
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Farm Frites has published its annual sustainability report, covering the global production locations in the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland and Egypt and its sales organisations across the world.

Now in its fourth year, the Farm Frites Sustainability report tracks the company’s ambitious efforts to be recognised as an industry trailblazer by 2030.

This year’s figures reveal that the manufacturer’s KPIs are on track with a 4.6% reduction of natural gas and electricity consumption, 5% less carbon emissions per tonne of product and a reduction of water consumption by 8.7%.

CFO of the company, Mr. Muilenburg comments: “Sustainability at Farm Frites has always been on our radar as we live from the land. This means we need to take good care of it and the environment. We always understood the need to take responsibility for the impact that our business operations have on our surroundings. We are continuously researching, investing and partnering to become more sustainable.”

A new packaging strategy with ongoing goals was set in 2019 and a focus on sustainable farming through traceable and FSA certified potatoes was revealed. Farm Frites also signed the Science-Based Targets Commitment letter, which will align its carbon reduction plans to do what is necessary to combat climate change.

Farm Frites’ ambitions for the coming decade focus on the further reduction of energy consumption by 10% per tonne, increased share of renewable energy to 30% and reduction of carbon emissions per tonne product by 50%.

Mr. Muilenburg continues: “Each year the impact of climate change becomes more apparent. By 2030, Farm Frites wants to be recognised as the accelerator of sustainability in the potato chain, from farm to fork, by collaborations with farmers, customers and other stakeholders. We need to stay focused on the future, be ahead with developments and drive change where we can. This is a call on all of us, especially in these challenging times.”

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