by Farm Trans
Oct 4th, 2023
5 mins

Farm Trans, a pioneer in food logistics, is elevating temperature-controlled food transport to, from and within the United Kingdom. With a solid commitment to sustainability, efficiency and convenience, Farm Trans is taking the standards for the transportation of perishable, fresh and frozen food products to the next level.

Farm Trans specializes in providing end-to-end food logistics solutions, with a major focus on temperature-controlled transport. This specialization ensures the preservation of the freshness and quality of all types of food products during transit.

Key highlights of Farm Trans’ activities in the UK and European transport services:

  1. Latest technology: Farm Trans deploys temperature controlled trailers that are equipped with the latest technology to maintain precise temperature and humidity levels throughout the transportation process. This commitment guarantees that sensitive perishables, including fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and dairy products, arrive at their destinations in impeccable condition.
  2. Hassle-free overseas transport services: Farm Trans offers effortless overseas transport services for clients looking to transport large volumes from Europe to the UK (as well as from the UK to Europe) on a regular basis. With a seamless process, freight is transported unmanned via ferry to the UK, from where it is efficiently delivered to the final destination in the UK using their own fleet and drivers. Groupage, cross-docking, and A-B deliveries are offered as well, and their dedicated customs partners work diligently to ensure cargo arrives promptly, giving clients peace of mind during international transport as the company oversees the entire journey from start to finish.
  3. Streamlined logistics management: Farm Trans has its own Logistics Management System (LMS) to streamline transport operations from departure to arrival. This comprehensive system manages all data, from order processing to goods receipt, ensuring precise tracking and efficient and safe transport.
  4. Unaccompanied and accompanied transport: Farm Trans offers both unaccompanied and accompanied transport options. The company transports 40 to 50 unaccompanied trailers daily to and from the UK ports, from the ports of Zeebrugge (BE) and Rotterdam (NL). Accompanied transport to and from the UK is facilitated daily through the Calais tunnel. This way Farm Trans handles both temperature controlled trailers as well as bulk trailers for agricultural products.
  5. Domestic transport: Farm Trans provides quick and reliable domestic transport services within the UK. With their own operation in the country and a fleet of bulk and temperature-controlled trailers, they efficiently transport bulk goods as well as fresh and frozen products to destinations across the UK.

Farm Trans’ Commercial Manager for the UK, Tom Steenmeijer, emphasizes the company’s commitment to excellence in food logistics and overseas transport, stating, “Our mission is to provide our clients with unparalleled efficiency, sustainability and convenience. We are proud to be able to offer hassle-free overseas transport services, making international trade seamless, while also continuing to set the highest standards for temperature-controlled food transport in the UK.”

For more information about Farm Trans’ temperature-controlled transport and overseas transport services, please visit


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