Jun 6th, 2016
8 mins

Five Top Tips for a Summer of Celebration

With summer finally here and a host of sporting events plus a famous 90th birthday to celebrate, publicans can expect an upsurge in trade as revellers look to take advantage of good weather, good times and extended opening hours.

Here, leading producer of chicken and meat-free solutions, Moy Park Foodservice, has compiled five top tips to help busy publicans cater for and profit from the increase in footfall. Frannie Santos-Mawdsley, Senior Customer Marketing Manager, European Foodservice, Moy Park, explains.

#1. Don’t Forget the Veggies

Once the hunger sets in there’s nothing more satisfying than a hearty burger to accompany celebrations. Up-and-coming US-style high street concepts like Dirty Burger, Shake Shack and Fat Burger sit alongside pub chain Young’s, which has very recently set up a new Burger Shack concept, and lay bare the opportunity for profit. But what of the predicted 3m* UK vegetarian diners, and a further 35%^ of the population who identify as flexitarian, many of whom are avid pub goers?


Moy Park’s breaded Chickpea and Quinoa Burger banishes standard veggie burgers of old to the subs bench. Boasting a crunchy, honey infused crumb which delivers on both texture and flavour – this is one premium burger that will sit proudly on menus.

#2. Harness International Flavours

Summer sporting events are an international celebration, so it stands to reason that global flavours will go down well with pub goers and look great on menus. Cuisines such as Pan Asian, Americana and Mexican are massively on-trend, so offering products that use these burgeoning flavours to their advantage – especially on the bar snacks menu – is sure to drive profits.


Moy Park’s Mexican Koftas – finely spiced, minced chicken – and succulent US-inspired Smoky Barbecue Chicken Shanks should keep adventurous punters coming back for more. And because they’re easy to eat, not a moment of the action will be missed.

#3. Sharing is Caring

The carnival atmosphere lends itself perfectly to sociable, sharing food that means pub goers can graze to their heart’s content. Offering this more casual style of dining in the form of boards, small plates and bowls, is quick, simple, and a sure fire route to making money as marketing it to groups of revellers can make for incremental drink and food sales.


Moy Park offers a comprehensive range of high-quality frozen chicken products that can form the foundations of the perfect platter or small plate offering including; wings and drumsticks, Crunchy Chick ‘n’ Mini Fillets, Chickwich™ Nuggets and Dippers, extra hot Chick ‘n’ Ferno™ Wings, Goujons, Pops and Fillets alongside Tomato and Mozzarella Chicken Melts and Garlic & Cracked Black Pepper Koftas.

#4. Keep the Profits Flowing After Hours

A closed kitchen or skeleton staff shouldn’t mean the profits have to take a hit. Pubs should consider using quality frozen food that is simple and quick to prepare to keep up with demand, especially with many sites looking to open longer for the Queen’s 90th celebrations (June 11th). Frozen food can help cut wastage at a stroke, meaning profits go back into the business and not in the bin, while less experienced staff will have no trouble bringing dishes to life.


Moy Park’s range is supplied frozen for ultimate convenience and can help publicans keep pace with the rush.

#5. Shout!

With increased high street competition, vying for share of punters has never been more important for pubs across the UK. Holding an event can be a sure-fire way of keeping profits high through the summer yet your celebration will stand and fall on the way in which it is marketed.  Social media is a great way of keeping your followers and friends up-to-speed on the latest developments, while savvy point of sale detailing promotional meal and drink deals can also help spread the message far and wide. After all, 75% of buying decisions are made at point of purchase.


Improve customer awareness of your range and increase sales by using eye-catching point of sale from Moy Park Foodservice. Available to download from many of the POS items are customisable and completely free.

Moy Park Foodservice is trusted by wholesalers, chefs and caterers throughout the UK and Ireland to deliver innovative, high quality frozen chicken products. A specialist in convenient, consistent menu-making solutions, everything the company does is backed by in-depth market insight, chef expertise, and years of foodservice experience, helping it to produce class-leading products that work harder for sites across all channels in hospitality.

*Vegetarian Society

^ Mintel

For more information on Moy Park Foodservice visit


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