Sep 26th, 2016
4 mins

Food & Drink Seminar

Helping your business to reduce musculoskeletal disorders in the workplace

19th October 2016 • Birmingham

Laurent Perrier Champagne Bar, Marco Pierre White Restaurant

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has recommended that all companies in the food and drink sector have a plan in place to reduce injury due to musculoskeletal (MSK) disorders in the workplace. This event, devised especially for companies in the food and drink industry, is a unique opportunity to obtain valuable information which will assist in the preparation of a plan to address MSKs.

It will also look at how you can go beyond the recommendation by considering preventative measures that can be implemented in the workplace, as well as the rehabilitation and early intervention support that is available, as well as treatment and ongoing maintenance options that can help to prevent reoccurrence.

We will discuss the resulting cost savings that can be achieved in relation to insurance premiums and also reduced staff absence.

With speakers from Nuffield Health, Aviva, The Chiropractors, Chubb, Six Pump Court barristers’ chambers and Jobson James, this event will give you all the information and insider knowledge you need to successfully navigate these guidelines and draw up your ideal plan.

We have chosen a wide selection of speakers who will be able to provide further information in respect of both prevention and rehabilitation in relation to MSK disorders, which are among the most common reasons for employee absence, as well as injury claims against employers.

As this links to other areas that could potentially impact your business, we have a session from a specialist barrister talking about the sentencing guidelines, as well as a session from an employer’s liability insurance specialist who will advise you on how putting these procedures in place will positively impact your insurance premiums.

You will then have the opportunity to discuss any specific concerns you have with regard to your business, either in the scheduled networking and question and answer sessions, or directly with the experts over lunch.

See the Jobson James website for more details on the guest speakers.


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