Jun 8th, 2021
4 mins

BFFF, in collaboration with the retail mind, is pleased to bring you a 3 session GSCOP Online workshop aimed at the commercial teams and key finance & supply chain colleagues.  Dates available in September and November.  Book early to avoid disappointment.

The workshop will be delivered via Zoom and is presented by Ged Futter from the retail mind. The workshop is across 2 x 2-hour sessions & 1 x 2.5-hour session with an element of pre-work & homework. The retail mind will use SurveyMonkey to assess each delegate’s understanding before & after each workshop.

Workshop one – The UK Grocery Market & background to the Code

  • What are the Retailers doing, how Code compliant are they, what is driving their behaviours?
  • GSCOP during a ‘Price War’
  • Why GSCOP came into practice.
  • Who is covered & why?
  • The role of the GCA & the importance of the annual Survey
  • Homework

Workshop two – GSCOP, what it means, how to use the Code to manage Risk & protect revenue / profit.

  • Buyers & GSCOP, are they trained?
  • Supply Agreements – what do you have?
  • Verbal agreements – ensuring compliance.
  • Variation / retrospective changes – how to avoid them.
  • GSCOP & Finance – delay in payments / 3rd party auditors
  • Lump sums – what is allowed, what can you offer?
  • Forecasting – best practice
  • Promotions – what should you be paying for?
  • Customer complaints – how to reduce the cost of complaints.
  • De-listing – what should a Retailer be doing?
  • Homework

Workshop three – using GSCOP effectively, how has the Code been used in the past five years, what will you do differently?

  • The GCA since March 2015, including a review of Tesco & Co-op investigations, Best Practice statements & Asda / Morrisons clarifications
  • How to use GSCOP collaboratively
  • Examples of how we have used GSCOP with clients, what was the issue, what did we do, what was the result?
  • Hints & tips – what and who to be aware of
  • Break out groups – What are you going to do differently?


The cost of this online workshop is £500 / delegate.  BFFF members get a 15% discount.

These sessions are interactive and highly engaging and use a combination of polls, chat and break-out rooms.

To register your interest contact Kate Miller


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