Sep 7th, 2016
5 mins

H2 Equity Partners and Klaas Puul enter into partnership

Investment firm H2 Equity Partners and shrimp processor Klaas Puul announce that H2 Equity Partners has acquired a controlling stake in Klaas Puul. Parties have reached an agreement about a transaction in which the shares Klaas Puul will be owned by H2 Equity Partners, the founding family Mooijer and the management.

Maiko van der Meer has been appointed as general director. Under the leadership of Maiko van der Meer and Sander van den Berg as financial director, investments will be made into the growth of Klaas Puul, for instance by investing in international marketing & sales, product development and production technology & – capacity.

Evert Mooijer, current owner of Klaas Puul: “Klaas Puul has a lot of untapped potential, but there are no successors within the family to realize this potential. Together with H2 Equity Partners, we want to realize this potential, allowing us to be an even better partner to our customers, suppliers and employees.”

Maiko van der Meer, new general director of Klaas Puul: “I am looking forward to working at Klaas Puul with Sander van den Berg and the team and to further expand the company; for instance by offering distinctive sustainable products for retailers and consumers.”

Rutger Jan Vlek, Investment Director at H2 Equity Partners: “Klaas Puul has a strong market position and a lot of improvement and growth potential. Together with the Mooijer family, the management and all employees, we will realize this potential. Reinforcing and expanding a family business together with a founding family, by providing capital and active support by H2, is a characteristic investment for H2.”

About Klaas Puul

Klaas Puul is a leading shrimp processor with its headquarters in Volendam, the Netherlands and production sites in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark and Morocco. Klaas Puul was founded in 1968, and in the past 50 years, has been successfully expanded by the Mooijer family and the Klaas Puul staff. Klaas Puul is known for a broad and deep product range, excellent quality in end products and distinctive flexibility and service for its customers. In 2015, the company – with a staff of about 3500 – had a turnover of almost 200 million, with healthy profitability. For more information, see:

Over H2 Equity Partners

H2 Equity Partners, founded in 1991, is an independent investment firm with offices in Amsterdam and London. H2 focuses on medium sized companies with improvement and growth potential in the Benelux, the United Kingdom and Germany. H2 offers these companies a combination of capital and active support by the H2 team. H2 has a strong track record in building strong companies with sustainable profitable growth. H2 manages a portfolio of 12 companies, with a turnover of approximately EUR 1.5 billion. For more information, see:

For more information:

Klaas Puul – Maiko van der Meer – – tel:+31651839844



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