Nov 10th, 2020
5 mins

Over the last few years BFFF have been working tirelessly with the industry for finding a system for preventing falls when working on mobile refrigeration units this to protect employees of refrigeration contractors which provide a crucial service for the industry.
In the event of mobile refrigeration breakdown, you can imagine a situation where both time and financial pressure are apparent and where frozen produce is potentially at risk. It is therefore paramount that refrigeration engineers are using safe and suitable work equipment to access and egress over cab refrigeration.
When completing risk assessment there is a hierarchy of control measures to follow, which would start by looking at avoiding work at height in the first place. Many of our members have now opted for underslung refrigeration fitted on their vehicles rather than the over cab type, this does avoid the need to work at height outside the vehicle and therefore eliminates falls.
In some cases, it will not be possible to avoid working at height and the next stage risk assessment is considered and is fall prevention. With fall prevention this means adopting physical barriers such as handrails and this was the area BFFF spend considerable time in finding a solution.
Through much research and development and closely working with our membership, a specialist engineering company, refrigeration contractors and the wider industry we finally achieved this goal.

This fall prevention product was showcased at our working at height seminar. The product utilises a counterbalanced chassis which is used to mount a winch operated ladder and fully protected cantilever work area and handrail system. The handrail system sits over on the cab roof. Access and egress are gained through a spring-loaded safety gate onto the existing vehicle cab roof catwalk which is used as a working platform. The unit then provides full handrail protection while the work is being carried out.
The product was developed by Ajax which are part of Canal Engineering and have supplied to the BFFF membership.

Ajax have developed an extensive range of products to support safer working environments. Our pallet gates, platforms and step units have a proven track record for being easy to operate, and the superior quality of our products ensures a long working life cycle.
The standard Ajax Safe Access range includes:
• Pallet Gate Safety Barriers
• Fixed Folding Step Units
• Bridging Access Platforms
• Bespoke Staircases and Platforms

Ajax have the ability to customise any of our standard products or design site or performance specific solutions to suit non-standard operations. These can be manufactured from specific materials to suit specialist environments and industries including the food industry.
For more information about our standard or bespoke access products please get in touch.
T: 0115 986 6321


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