Jul 14th, 2022
8 mins

The British Frozen Food Federation talks to Charles Fidler (People Safety Culture Manager) at Tesco about their workplace leadership and behavioural initiative

We were recently asked by those in membership to find out more about the Tesco S.T.A.R (See, Think, Act and Review) initiative to influence leadership and behaviour in the workplace.

Simon Brentnall Head of Health and Safety at BFFF recently set up a Q&A session with Charles Fidler (people safety culture manager) at Tesco to find out more.

Q1 – How did Tesco identify that they needed to introduce changes in safety culture / behavior?
A – Around 3.5 years ago Tesco started conversations on safety and decided to use data in a better way, to re-visit accidents and drill down further down to causes with job roles categorised. We looked at whether company training had been followed and our group H&S were also completing some cultural assessments.

Q2 – How was buy in from senior management gained and was there any resistance?
A – We faced no resistance from management in terms of trying to reduce the risk of colleague injuries, reduce lost time and reduce costs. Protecting our colleagues is top priority and we wanted to make sure we were approaching safety in the best way.

Q3 – How did Tesco come to choose / develop the STAR programme?
A – The distribution team first introduced a very basic form of the STAR programme with a see it, sort it approach for Fork Lift Truck operator behaviour. This reduced accidents by 33%.

Q4 – How was the STAR programme launched? Was there any phasing of it?
A – Originally launched in winter during a very busy time, stores received a toolkit with rewards to give to colleagues once they had completed the e-learning. There was also a briefing note, a behaviour framework, posters, and stickers sent out to continue highlighting the importance of this launch.

Q5 – Were any external resources used?
A – We mostly used internal resource, but we used an external design house for the e-learning package.

Q6 – Was any training provided? How did this change for different audiences?
A – There was an office team who sent briefing documents to Managers, Areas Managers and Store Directors and then a regional team approach with communication calls. There was an e-learning solution that went to all retail colleagues to help them understand their roles and responsibilities when it comes to safety.

Q7 – What key changes have been made to daily working life because of STAR?
A – There have been less accidents, as well as the main success being people talking about and engaging with Health & Safety and really beginning to set their own safety culture in their stores.

Q8 – How is the programme maintained / kept at the forefront of people’s minds?
A There has been no relaunch or refresh, but we have been building upon what has already been done – for example, referencing STAR on safety related communications.

Q9 – Is the programme communicated to new starters?
A – Yes this forms part of our career learning pathway for new starters.

Q10 How is the success of the STAR programme monitored or measured?
A – We are looking at the improvements in accident/incident data and that of monitoring colleagues.

Q11 – How are deviations / negative observations corrected?
A The initiative works on the basis of taking personal responsibility for health & safety and acting upon it, colleagues can follow the S.T.A.R. behaviours to help them make safer decisions and follow their training.

Q12 – Is safety culture / behaviour different now?
A – Yes, people are now talking about and engaging with Health & Safety, and it appears to be on everyone’s agenda so we have improved this dialogue.
Q13 – What changes to STAR have been made since the initial launch?
A – The initiative has been extended into Central Europe, Ireland, One Stop and Booker.

Q14 – Is there anything they would change if they did it again?
A – We would keep 75% of the initiative, with some changes into how it integrates into other Tesco initiatives such as the shopping trip (customer metrics).

Q15 What aspects are Tesco most proud of?
A – The hard work the team has put into this. We are proud of every part that we’ve played in achieving our goal of everyone, every day, home safely.


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