by Sales-I
Apr 8th, 2022
6 mins

The first quarter of 2022 has proved challenging with so much change again, including supply disruptions impacting on meeting the increased demand for frozen foods.

We share the 8 trends that are defining 2022 and impact overall revenue for the next year.

1. Insights are imperative

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) offer fast-learning of data to improve many aspects including customer and product insights. From predicting the best products to sell to digging up new opportunities to cross-sell, upsell and link sales. AI and ML will make your sales team much more efficient and have access to the data they need.


2. Attracting and retaining talent

Many young people in the workforce, particularly in their 20’s and 30’s, are now putting a bigger focus on how much a potential employer utilises technology, or is willing to embrace innovation as part of their day-to-day working life.

So it’s important to offer effective sales enablement tools that make data-mining less time consuming and are willing to embrace new technology over the next 12 months and beyond. ­


3. Creating synergy within your team

With teams demanding more hybrid working, sales managers have the challenge of managing more remote teams.

Many sales reps are eager to get back on the road, it is crucial that to succeed, your team needs to be unified.

A centralised system and sales enablement tool allows your team to work flawlessly together, improving efficiency for the team, with full sight across all accounts and opportunities.


4. Personalisation is everything

Comprehensive business reports for every call is a powerful way to do this, and to quickly react to any slip in sales and pick up the phone.

Taking a personalised approach to each customer doesn’t need to take a lot.

Instead of personalisation being time-consuming with the right sales technology, it becomes effortless to go that extra mile and show your customers you value them.


5. Customer retention is imperative

With more of a shift towards sales teams focusing on cultivating relationships with existing customers along with a bigger drive towards better customer relationships.

Having the right CRM in place maximises conversations, making sure your customers feel appreciated and no customer is forgotten about.


6. The art of value-selling

By now, people have seen or heard most of the tricks of the trade when it comes to being sold something and will be able to see right through any sales gimmicks.

“Bonding over football or fishing is no longer enough.”

With the idea of selling the value or benefit first, rather than the product features.

By taking a value-based approach to selling, your reps will be able to get creative in their pitches.


7. Digital spaces

More interactions will happen in digital spaces, with the benefit of sales insights to cross-selling, upselling and link sales opportunities.

This provides easy access to everything you need for a call, being fully informed about what you’re (virtually) walking into., sales can be boosted thanks to these instant insights.


8. The power of social selling

Social selling enables salespeople to find, contact, and interact with prospects through social media.

When teamed with a value-first approach, you can focus on building genuine connections with prospects and customers.

This helps to grow trust in you and your company, and as trust plays such a huge part in the decision process, it’s important to get it right.


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