by Iceland Foods Ltd
Sep 29th, 2022
7 mins

After the ONS[1] recently announced that almost half (48%) of adults are struggling to pay their energy bills, Iceland is showing its customers easy switches they can make to help save energy costs and save hot dinners this autumn.

Earlier this year, Iceland partnered with energy provider Utilita to help determine the most cost-effective way of cooking, the study found air-fryers to be one of the most cost-efficient appliances and so Iceland has begun to include air fryer cooking instructions on product packaging, helping customers save over £3 a meal.

By making a simple switch to an air fryer, customers can save 89p cooking up one of Iceland’s most popular products, the delicious Crispy Chicken Breast Fillet Strips (£3.50, 600g). Cooked in a traditional oven, home-cooks are looking at an energy cost of £1.05 and 20-25 minute cooking time. But by using their air-fryer they can see the time slashed by half and the energy cost reduced to just 16p.

But it’s not just mid-week meals that can be saved, a Sunday roast can see energy-costs reduced by 80% by roasting Iceland’s Butter Basted Chicken Breast Joint (£4.50, 525g). Cooked for 1 hour 30 mins in an electric oven will see your Sunday dinner cost an additional £3.78 in energy, but popped in an air fryer for less than an hour (50 mins) will see a cost of just 65p.


Product Oven cost to cook Air Fryer cost to cook Saving
Iceland Crispy Chicken Breast Fillet Strips £1.05 (20-25 minutes) 16p (10-12 minutes) 89p
Iceland Butter Basted Chicken Breast Joint £3.78 (1 hour 30 minutes) 65p (50 minutes) £3.13
Iceland 4 Breaded Cod Fillets £1.05 (25 minutes) 29p (22 minutes) 76p
Iceland Luxury Caramelised Onion & Pork Sausages £1.26 (30 minutes) 38p (12-24 minutes) 88p
Chiquito® 12 Halloumi Sticks & Jalapeño Dip


59p (14 minutes) 16p (10-12 minutes) 43p


Iceland’s chefs have been trialling different recipes to help cut costs even more. A Luxury Roast Beef dinner – with mash, green beans and gravy – costs just 47p to cook in an air fryer, and a classic fry up just 26p.

Some of the comforting treats that are perfect to cook in the energy efficient appliance includes Iceland’s Luxury Pork Sausages (£4.00, 10 pack), the sumptuous Whole Chicken Breast Garlic and Herb Kievs (£4.00, 320g) and Luxury Caramelised Onion and Pork Sausages (£4.00, 10 pack) – all available in Iceland’s ongoing 3 for £10 deal, making one sausage just 33p!

Iceland’s first-of-its kind partnership with Utilita showed that as well as air fryers and slow cookers, microwaves are one of the most energy-efficient ways to cook. With the average British households spending approximately 43 minutes cooking each day and almost half (42%) admitting to using the oven by default for the main part of their cooking needs, it’s no wonder that the average electric oven costs £316.54 a year to use.

To help shoppers get the most out of their freezers, Iceland has created some delicious dinner recipes to help save energy costs:

Shoppers can also keep plates piled high for less as the nights draw in with Iceland Casserole Vegetables (£1.00, 1kg), Iceland Floret and Carrot Mix (£1.00, 900g) and Iceland Perfect Mashed Potato (£1.00, 700g) all just £1. Each serving (80g) of Iceland’s Casserole Vegetables will cost just 8p and a 100g serving of Perfect Mashed Potatoes is just 7p, meaning families can eat well without breaking the bank this autumn and winter.

For more information about Iceland’s ongoing deals, head to:

[1] Almost half households struggling to afford energy bills – ONS | The Independent


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