by Iceland Foods Ltd
Jul 7th, 2021
5 mins

The launch of Iceland’s ‘Fridgeable’ labeling has opened up access to great value frozen food to the estimated 1 in 10 households (2.8 million people) in the UK who live in appliance poverty without a freezer1.

Fridgeable labeling helps to educate consumers on which frozen foods can be put straight into the fridge and how long those foods can be kept in the fridge after defrosting. It also helps families living without a freezer or with far too little freezer space to save money by accessing frozen food, which is often cheaper than the fresh equivalent.

Research shows the average family weekly food shop is £60, however a family without the right appliances can expect to spend 43% more because they cannot buy in bulk or buy frozen goods2. Frozen food has the potential to save families over a thousand pounds a year and Iceland’s aim is to make that potential a reality by making its trademarked Fridgeable logo and various other assets freely available to other retailers and brands.

Andrew Staniland, Trading Director of Iceland Foods, said: “Fridgeable is a unique concept in frozen food and launching this is a particularly proud moment for me as it is another way that we can help reduce the cost of putting food on the table for those without a freezer.”

“We are so passionate about the far reaching benefits of Fridgeable that we are offering this game changing idea to our competitors and to frozen food brands for free – the more organisations that adopt this, the bigger the positive impact will be.”

The initial launch of Fridgeable is across 15 products in our frozen meat and burgers category in time for the summer season and all the products have a 24 hour timer on them. Iceland is aiming to roll out Fridgeable across all applicable own brand ranges and its initial goals are to increase amount of time people can store products in the fridge to up to 72 hours and to at least double the size of the range in the year ahead.

Fridgeable assets are available for download on the Iceland website, alongside guidance for their use and contact details for those requiring  further guidance on implementation. Iceland has also kicked off a stakeholder advocacy and outreach campaign aimed at trade and frozen category influencers as well as relevant suppliers, outlining the concept and offering of guidance and assets to support interested brands and organisations with using Fridgeable on pack.


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