Aug 1st, 2018
4 mins

Increased sales for seafood alternatives

A UK salmon company is witnessing increasing sales for its seafood alternatives to traditional meat products.

MacKnight’s smoked salmon bacon is a healthy alternative to traditional pork rashers, while its award-winning salmon mignons have been designed to have the same luxurious taste and texture of the beef mignon.

Salmon sausages and salmon burgers are also on the Cumbrian firm’s product list

MacKnight sales director Tim Barrah said: “Everyone is aware of the health benefits of eating salmon, from its high Omega 3 content to its low fats.

“We are not trying to challenge the supremacy of pork or beef on British dining tables, they are rightly far too much of a national institution to do that. However, with the medical experts urging people to eat more fish, these are healthy, tasty alternatives.

“Our salmon bacon is cured with rock salt, molasses, maple syrup and an array of specially selected spices. It is then air dried and gently smoked for 48 hours.

“It is high in Omega 3 and contains no Trans or polyunsaturated fats. But most importantly, it tastes great too. The same is also crucial in our sausages and burgers. Experience shows that is the most important factor in any “free from” product,  if the taste is not right, the majority of consumers won’t make the change.

“We have also gone to great lengths to make the sure our salmon alternatives to traditional meat products are comparable in terms of look, texture and the whole gourmet experience.

“For example, our salmon mignons are flavour infused for succulence and have an outer coating of cracked peppercorn and zesty lemon, topped with a pat of savoury herb infused butter.

“As the butter melts during baking it continually bastes the salmon, producing a moist and delicious product.

“As a food company, we live in an age of ever-increasing consumer choice and demand. At MacKnight we have long been advocates of only using Atlantic salmon raised to the highest aqualculture standards, and these salmon products also tick all the right boxes in terms of health, taste and price. We anticipate demand will only continue to grow.”

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