by Cargill Protein Europe
Jun 23rd, 2020
5 mins

INFUSE by Cargill™ addresses rapidly evolving consumer demands with customized ingredient blends in Europe

INFUSE by Cargill™ for European customers brings together the company’s extensive ingredient acumen to rapidly create tailor-made ingredient blends. Our expertise gives food and beverage manufacturers an edge in making products that address a complex set of consumer demands, such as sugar and calorie reduction, label-friendly, plant-based and other “free-from” formulation challenges. INFUSE by Cargill mirrors the Functional Systems’ portfolio of ingredients and blending technologies available to customers in North America and Asia Pacific regions.

“Consumers desire healthier products made with less sugar and fewer calories, while still expecting a great taste, mouthfeel and memorable eating and drinking experience,” says Denise Mc Carthy, who leads the product line. “Those are high expectations and require a different approach to ingredient formulation. INFUSE by Cargill, which sits at the crux of reformulation and innovation, represents the way Cargill helps our customers succeed.”

Customers in Europe have been using Cargill’s functional systems for more than 40 years to achieve custom texturizing ingredient blends. INFUSE by Cargill expands on that work, adding sweetness and other specialty ingredients such as proteins and fibers, to address a broader array of customer formulation challenges.

“No two blends are ever the same,” Mc Carthy emphasizes. “We always start by understanding each customer’s requirements, then use our technical expertise to land on the right combination and ratio of ingredients.”

Small- and medium-sized food producers in Europe reap the biggest rewards from INFUSE by Cargill. These companies often have more limited R&D, regulatory, legal and technical support resources. By partnering with the INFUSE by Cargill team, they can leverage Cargill’s resources, including kitchen and prototyping facilities, along with the company’s legal, regulatory, marketing, formulation and technical expertise in bakery, confectionery, dairy and beverage applications.

For Hannah Keenan, business development manager for INFUSE by Cargill, it all boils down to speed. “We understand how ingredients work together and how to create optimal solutions,” she says. “With more than 300 ingredients in our toolbox, we can quickly develop, deliver and optimize prototypes, dramatically shortening bench development time.”

Three pillars serve as the foundation for Cargill’s customer focus in Europe: an unwavering attention to providing on-trend solutions, a commitment to speed to market, and access to deep technical expertise to create ingredient blends tailored to meet each customer’s unique needs.

“Given today’s complex formulation challenges, the days of solving problems with a single ingredient are gone,” Mc Carthy says. “However, with INFUSE by Cargill, we can offer customers the ease of a single solution – to help speed up their development and launch innovative products faster to market.”


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