by Europastry Central Europe
Jul 25th, 2023
5 mins

Welcome to Dots World, an extraordinary universe created by Europastry, a leading brand in the food industry. With over 200 exquisite products, Dots has become a household name synonymous with indulgence and innovation. From the delightful assortment of Mini Dots, Big Dots, Filled Dots, Decorated Dots, Pop Dots, Crodots to Ball Dots, we offer a wide range of irresistible treats to satisfy every craving.

At Europastry, we are committed to continuously pushing boundaries and staying at the forefront of culinary trends. To achieve this, we have collaborated with renowned partners such as Dunkin Donuts, KitKat, Lion, and Chupa Chups, resulting in delectable Dots creations that are sure to captivate your taste buds.

Our dedication to quality and excellence is reflected in our three production facilities, located in two different regions of Spain and one in the Netherlands. Together, these facilities churn out an impressive average of 2.5 million dots per day, ensuring that our delectable treats reach Dots enthusiasts all around the globe.

What sets Dots apart is not just the sheer volume we produce, but the meticulous attention we pay to our recipe and production process. Every product within the Dots range is made with care and adheres to our strict standards:

No Preservatives: We believe in keeping things fresh and natural, which is why we refrain from using preservatives. By avoiding the presence of microorganisms, we ensure that each bite of Dots is a wholesome delight.

No Artificial Colours: We take pride in crafting visually appealing treats without the need for artificial colours. Our commitment to using only the finest ingredients guarantees an authentic and vibrant experience.

No Hydrogenated Fats: Europastry is at the forefront of eliminating partially-hydrogenated fats from our production processes. By doing so, we prioritize your health and well-being without compromising on taste.

No Added Trans Fats: Trans fats have been linked to increased cholesterol levels and cardiovascular diseases. At Dots, we prioritize your well-being by avoiding the use of these fats, ensuring that each indulgence is guilt-free.

Sustainable Palm Oil: Europastry has been awarded the prestigious RSPO Mass Balance (MB) Certification. We proudly use Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO) and Palm Kernel Oil (CSPKO) in all our Dots products, promoting responsible and sustainable practices.

Dots have become synonymous with moments of pure indulgence worldwide, and that’s precisely the experience Europastry aims to deliver to each and every customer. We invite you to Savor your very own moment of indulgence with Dots.


To learn more about our delectable range of products, contact our dedicated sales agent in England,

Ash Hirani, at

Alternatively, visit our website a and embark on a journey through the enticing world of Dots.



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