by Birds Eye
Nov 27th, 2020
4 mins
  • Birds Eye is adding some crunch to mealtimes with its new Crunchy Traybake launches
  • The new range will include two variants; Garden Vegetables and Mediterranean Vegetables
  • The new launch will support the brand’s vision to increase the nation’s weekly consumption of fish to two portions, in line with NHS guidelines

Birds Eye is expanding its Captain Birds Eye range with the launch of Crunchy Traybakes, as the brand aims to drive penetration and growth for the Recipe Fish category. The traybakes will include MSC certified 100% fish fillet topped with whole vegetables, in a delicious sauce, finished with an added crunchy topping.

Annalisa Fanali, Fish General Marketing Manager at Birds Eye, said: “Shoppers are increasingly conscious of including more fish and vegetables in their diet to improve their health and wellbeing. However, a barrier to this can often be the time it takes to achieve a great tasting, balanced meal. Rich in Omega 3 the Crunchy Traybake range taps into wellbeing and convenience macro trends. We’re excited to not only help shoppers to add more fish to their diets, but also provide them with indulgent, real food that has quality at its heart.

“Our consumer taste testing has shown that this range has the potential to bring incremental shoppers to the category[1]. This would be a tremendous step to realising our vision of increasing the nation’s consumption of fish to twice a week. We hope great tasting and enticing products like this will inspire shoppers to add more fish to their diets, and drive category growth.

The Crunchy Traybake range will feature two SKUS, each containing 100% fish fillets and a sauce with chunks of vegetables, which contributes to the daily vegetable intake for consumers.  The Garden Vegetables Traybake includes broccoli, sugar snap peas and spinach, while the Mediterranean Vegetables Traybake contains a collection of yellow, red and green peppers and tomatoes – both are topped with crumb to add extra crunch. Each pack contains two servings, and the trays are also recyclable as they’re made from paper, perfect for convenient cooking and recycling after use.

Like all products in the range, Birds Eye’s Crunchy Traybake range is 100% MSC will be rolling out to retailers from 28th September with an RRP of £3*.

[1] Nielsen – internal report 06.09.19


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