Jul 15th, 2015
5 mins

JJX Logistics Win Motor Transport Award

MT-Awards-2015-logo_solid_black_cmykJJX Logistics are extremely pleased to announce that, after being shortlisted for this year’s Motor Transport Award – Livery of the Year, they’ve only gone and won it!

In the past, all JJX Mercedes-Bens vehicles were kitted out with the company colours and logo as well as other visual modifications to make the fleet look smart. We decided to start wrapping the vehicles in images fundamental to our larger clients, which has proved a huge success!

JJX Logistics deliver for the aerospace and aviation sector and this vehicle is dedicated to these deliveries; this is what influenced our recent livery design, the JJX aeroplane. The driver’s compartment resembles the cockpit and the side of the van shows a view of the plane in flight. The floodlights across the top of the windscreen resemble the lights on the plane but the most sentimental effect of this van lies in the children on the side of the vehicle. The crew members situated on the wing of the plane are young family members of JJX employee’s. This represents the staff members working for JJX Logistics and emphasised how the company has grown from a small family business into what it is today. Not only is this award a huge success for the company, but gives great pride to the staff members who are parents to the children who have helped us secure this prestigious award.

John Donovan – ‘The Motor Transport Awards are the Oscars of the Transportation Industry and we are honoured to accept such an award. As the owner of a once very small business, I am so pleased to see that my Grandchildren, and the children of my staff members, have helped us bring home this award. When they were told the news, they were ecstatic! They now feel part and parcel of the company and have loved being the models for JJX! This is a huge honour to the company and a credit to the staff members and our children.’

JJX Logistics also work throughout all of the UK and Europe, very much like an airline service. The design of the van also resembles the international connotations of our service and our committed approach to transport services.

The time it has taken between purchasing the plain sprinter to having the livery, lights and bars added for this particular vehicle was approximately 4 weeks. To have similar works carried out on our other vehicles has taken approximately 4-5 weeks each vehicle. We are now working on our next wrap design for our new vehicles and cannot wait to get these livered up and on all UK and European roads.


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