May 29th, 2018
4 mins

Kara, catering for Education with a new Glazed Oval Bun

Sandwiches are the number one meal served at lunch time in schools, consumed on 35% of occasions*. With this in mind Kara’s developed a new bread carrier with education at the forefront, meeting new guidelines whilst also appealing to children. Kara, the Foodservice brand of the Finsbury Group, offers a broad array of nutritious bakery products to cater for the education sector and can’t wait for this to be in schools.

2017 welcomed the revised FSA salt targets, the pressure on catering for school menus is increasingly challenging for many caters, Kara’s Glazed Oval Bun has been specifically designed to meet the new FSA salt guidelines as well as being low in fat and saturated fats; school caters can now rest assured that with Kara’s newest Glazed Oval Bun, they are adhering to the latest government standards.

The bun has a soft buttery texture which accompanies both hot and cold fillings perfectly. Chicken is the number one sandwich filler in schools*, the Glazed Oval Bun has been developed with an oval shape to allow for succulent Chicken Fillets to fit perfectly.  But this bun is perfect for any filling and as meat free dishes are set to increase on menus in the next 2-3 years across all sectors, the Glazed Oval Bun is suitable for both vegan and vegetarian, perfect to cater to a variety of dietary requirements.

Foodservice Development Manager Danielle Meehan said, ‘Developing the new Glazed Oval Bun was a key for Kara knowing that every child in the UK must have a piece of bread available in school every day*1, it was important to develop a product that meets guidelines, but that appealed to children. The bun is pre-sliced for added convenience and ticks all the nutritional boxes needed for the education sector. The Glazed Oval Bun delivers on the needs of the Education School Foods plan, whilst delivering on a superior taste and quality, were excited to add it to our Kara range.’

*All data collected from MCA Allegra, 2017


To find out more about the Glazed Oval Bun or for more information on Kara, visit or call 0161 351 2399 to speak to a member of the Customer Care team

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