Dec 12th, 2018
3 mins

Kara rises to the occasion with its new vegan brioche-style bun

Kara, the foodservice specialists of the Finsbury Food Group, has announced the launch of a brioche-style bun to satisfy Vegan and Dairy-Free consumers. The buns, which are available now, have been made to give operators a premium bread option that can be enjoyed by a wider remit of diners.

With the taste for brioche growing amongst consumers over the past year (interest in the bread has increased 100%[1] since last year), Kara knew there was already a hungry market for the sandwich carrier. However, with the still-growing rise of veganism amongst consumers, the bakery giant wanted to grow its offering to suit consumers who couldn’t enjoy a classic brioche bun due to their dietary needs.

Kara’s brioche-style bun substitutes the egg glaze and butter contents and replaces them with dairy-free alternatives. Despite these changes to the historic recipe, the buns do not compromise on flavour, colour or texture and can be enjoyed by both vegan, dairy-free and non-vegan diners.

For more information on Kara, visit:


Danielle Meehan, Foodservice NPD Manager, commented:

“After witnessing a rise in both veganism and interest in brioche amongst different diners, we knew we had to begin offering an option that could hit both markets with a product that satisfies the need for brioche whilst suiting the vegan lifestyle. This brioche-style bun still delivers all the flavours of a classic brioche but is a more inclusive premium burger carrier perfect for both vegan and non-vegan diners.”

[1] Figure taken from MCA Allegra Bakery and Sandwich tracker Q2 2018


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