Jude’s Ice Cream has been producing delicious ice cream for over twenty years, and has had a relationship with Dawsongroup for almost as long. As a certified B Corp, Jude’s believes that all businesses should benefit people and communities. They are well on their way to achieving their target of reducing carbon emissions by 43% by 2030, with a 20% reduction already attained since their start date of 2020 – and Dawsongroup is helping them achieve that.

Dawsongroup’s Unique Solution

Dawsongroup has provided various solutions for Jude’s over the years, from forklifts through Dawsongroup material handling to loading docks from Dawsongroup tcs. When Jude’s needed additional cold storage for their ice cream which was also carbon efficient, they turned to Dawsongroup for a solution.

Dawsongroup tcs has a range of modular cold storage solutions which can be set to any temperature from -30°C to +30°C and can be sited either internally or externally to suit your space and requirements. Whilst our units are optimised for energy efficiency and low running costs, they still need electricity to run them.

Tim Clark, Regional Head of Sales for Dawsongroup tcs, worked with Jude’s to come up with a unique solution – a cold storage unit powered by solar panels on the roof.

“Jude’s Ice Cream presented the near perfect partner for the first solar-powered portable cold storage facility in the country, being in the south, in an open prospective and on an exposed hill,” said Tim. “When I made the suggestion to them, the response was overwhelming as it tied in with their very green philosophy.”

Quality Ice Cream with Reduced Emissions

Kevin Smith, Technical Manager for Dawsongroup TCS, installed the solar panels on the cold storage unit roof. He regularly returns to ensure that they are always angled to make the most of the sun year-round.

The 8kW solar array generates 1.54kW/hr of useable electricity in an average month, which is more than 50% of the power needed to keep the cold storage at -25°C, the ideal temperature for the best quality ice cream. On sunny days, it can generate more power than the unit uses – keeping Jude’s ice cream cold with the heat of the sun.

Whilst this saves Jude’s over £100 a week on electricity costs, the saving in carbon emissions is more important to them and makes a significant contribution towards their carbon reduction target.

Just a Phone Call Away

“Dawsongroup TCS is fantastic. The main service Dawsongroup provides for us is that whatever we need as we grow, we can come to them and they have a solution for us,” said James Wright, Managing Director of Jude’s Ice Cream. “Whenever we need help we can pick up the phone and Dawsongroup responds straight away. We have a very good relationship, and they’ve been very supportive to Jude’s as we’ve grown from a hobby twenty years ago to a much bigger business today.”

Contact Dawsongroup tcs for all your temperature control needs, loading docks and more, and contact Dawsongroup material handling for warehousing equipment and storage.

Arrange a free consultation with a Dawsongroup expert today to find out how our Smarter Asset Strategy can help your business reduce carbon emissions.


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