Sep 30th, 2015
4 mins

Kerry Foods Creates New Takeaway Destination for Shoppers

Sharwood’s frozen ready meal range offers consumers ethnic menu choice

Kerry Foods aims to grow the ethnic frozen ready meal (FRM) category by launching the first branded Takeaway range under Sharwood’s. The range is designed to not only add a new meal occasion for current consumers, but to recruit and attract new consumers through the trusted Sharwood’s brand along with a range of delicious meals, perfect for recreating the takeaway experience.

The new range will tap into the £4.2bn takeaway market* and encourage an uplift in consumption of FRMs during the weekend (current frozen ready meal consumption on a Saturday sits at 11.5%**).

As one of the nation’s favourite brands, Sharwood’s is the market leader in Indian and Chinese FRMs as well as the No. 1 Asian food brand in Cooking Sauces, Kits & Accompaniments***. The new range will consist of 10 mains and two rice side dishes, offering consumers the choice to mix and match their favourite takeaway dishes.

Supported by in-store, online activity and a compelling Meal Deal (2 mains and 1 side for £4 RRSP****); Kerry Foods aims to inspire shoppers within the frozen aisle by offering a broad range of the nation’s favourite takeaway dishes, at an affordable price point.

Creating a new destination in FRMs, the Sharwood’s Takeaway ‘menu’ format is a more sociable proposition. Whilst FRMs are typically consumed by one person (37% of FRM sales when 1 person present in the household**) the new Takeaway range is designed for groups to share (currently 90% of the traditional weekend takeaway market is consumed when 2 or more people are present**).

Charlotte Bourne, FRM Brand Manager at Kerry Foods comments: “This is a landmark launch for Kerry Foods. The average Brit eats 19 takeaways per year**. The new Sharwood’s range is designed to tap into this market, encouraging new shoppers into the FRM aisle by offering them a range from a brand they can trust. The Sharwood’s Takeaway range is the perfect Saturday night ‘eat in’ meal solution designed specifically to embrace consumer needs for quality ingredients, choice, value for money and something everyone can enjoy and share together.”

The range will be rolling out across retailers from October 2015.


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