Aug 18th, 2015
9 mins

Lantmännen Unibake UK’s Secret to Unlocking £59m in Sweet Bakery

• £59m growth vision for the freshly prepared sweet bakery category within the total UK market for retail and foodservice
• Six sweet bakery category motivators identified for strategic growth
• Discovery of five crucial drivers for success in sweet bakery

The £59m announcement comes on the back of research conducted by leading bakery supplier Lantmännen Unibake across eight European countries regarding freshly prepared bakery products (produced from scratch, bake-off and thaw & serve bakery products). Lantmännen Unibake UK’s findings revealed SIX consumer-led purchase and consumption motivators that will create a step-change in the value and growth of the sweet bakery category within both retail and foodservice. These include Rise & Shine, The Next Generation, Evening Indulgence, Better Baked Breaks, Sandwich with a Twist and Complement the Drink.
Rachel Shoosmith, Marketing Manager at Lantmännen Unibake UK, says: “The intelligence gathered from our Sweet Bakery Research has provided us with in-depth insight into the sweet bakery category. This research, combined with the latest market trends, has enabled us to map out a £59m growth vision within the freshly prepared sweet bakery category within the total UK market. Targeting six key sweet bakery category motivators over the next five years presents a significant growth opportunity for operators who can capitalise on these insights and shape their sweet bakery strategies accordingly.”

1. Rise & Shine: Defending and re-building the association of morning goods as the first choice for a more enjoyable breakfast is an area of opportunity. Breakfast represents 77% of croissant consumption occasions, but croissants only feature in 4% of ISB breakfast occasions . Ian Harris, Category Strategy Manager at Lantmännen Unibake UK, says: “This suggests that there is still vast room to grow and drive breakfast consumption. We need to position sweet bakery as a delicious and convenient breakfast solution for consumers.”

2. The Next Generation: Sweet bakery products have seen a 24% increase in the number of lunchbox occasions, as they are easy to eat, hand-holdable treats . Harris says: “Sweet bakery products can be made more appealing and engaging to the next generation through a variety of toppings, fillings, formats, packaging and personalisation. Plus they are easy to share with friends and family for those all important social occasions, which should be communicated clearly to customers to help drive sales.”

3. Evening Indulgence: Sweet bakery treats can be positioned as a more indulgent way to relax and unwind. Harris identifies experience and indulgence as a key consumer trend to tap into: “We need to position sweet baked goods as the ideal treat for a special occasion, a relaxing night in or as a dessert on a restaurant menu.”

4. Better Baked Breaks: Snacking throughout the day is increasingly important for consumers, with 50% of males and 39% of females snacking between lunch and dinner . Harris says: “Offering consumers a delicious sweet bakery item as a snacking alternative to a confectionery item is a convenient and effective way to tap into this category driver.”

5. Sandwich with a Twist: Encouraging caterers and consumers to use morning goods, like croissants, as sandwich carriers is a great way of creating a more exciting alternative to the traditional sandwich. Sandwiches represent the number one food item at lunch with 17.9% of the occasion . “Inspiring consumers to explore new sandwich combinations by matching innovative sandwich carriers with complementary fillings will positively influence sales” says Harris.

6. Complement the Drink: 80% of sweet bakery eating occasions are consumed with a drink, of which 55% are with hot drinks . Harris says: “1 in 2 buy food from coffee shops at least once a week. Therefore cross-promoting sweet bakery items with hot and cold drinks from the latest hot drink flavours to juices and smoothies, will tempt consumers to buy into these trendy bakery and beverage pairings”.
Ian Harris, Category Strategy Manager at Lantmännen Unibake UK has also identified five key drivers for sweet bakery success from the Sweet Bakery Research: “Perfectly baked sweet bakery products will enhance product quality and attract consumers. Finishing them to a high standard and ensuring they are perfectly served will maximise visual appeal and tempt consumers. Navigate consumers to the right sweet bakery product for them through clear signage and messaging. Inspire consumers with suggestions of how and when a product can be used. Great service, user friendly packaging and cross-promoting accompaniments make the shopper journey and product purchase convenient for consumers.”

Shoosmith concludes: “Our Sweet Bakery Research has unlocked the secret to an incredibly exciting £59m growth vision for the freshly prepared sweet bakery category within the total UK market. The key takeout for operators is to act on the six key motivators now and prioritise our recommended formula for sweet bakery success. This will guarantee a fresh and informed solution to create a sweeter future of growth within the sweet bakery come 2020.”

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