by Rite-Hite UK Limited
Jun 27th, 2022
5 mins

Rite-Hite has compelled together a guide which takes into account all of the issues that our affecting the logistics industry including safety regulations and how you can take preventative actions to solving these potential issues.

But as we know industrial safety regulations are constantly evolving as new technology and equipment is developed across the world. Global regulations are also emerging or being updated with an increasing emphasis on the physical and mental health of employees and their well-being in the workplace. This guide does not only focus on the current state of affairs but also looks into the future to see what potential issues there are the horizon for the logistics industry.

All senior executives working in the world of logistics are trying to balance is the need for increased efficiencies in and around the loading bay with the uncompromising need for safety. One can never be at the expense of the other. This is in turn driving safety equipment providers not only to look at individual products to address particular concerns, such as vehicle creep or premature drive-aways, but rather to see safety as an holistic issue that needs to be considered at a solutions level. The following guide consider the key risks and dangers within the loading bay, and the latest product technologies, innovations and solutions that are helping to address those risks and create an even safer environment in which to work. The loading dock is one of the most dangerous area of any warehouse and we need to know how to protect it, as one fatality is too many.

There has been a study done in the UK by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), put the total cost to a business of a single accident at £45,000, which at a margin of 10%, would require additional sales of £450,000 simply to cover what was lost. Which show the potentially massive financial impact that can be put on business when a accident occurs.

In this guide we also show how the Rite-Hite product range can help with the issues and will not only keep your loading safe, which is the most important factor, but will also keep productivity high and in some cases increasing productivity in certain areas. Rite-Hite can offer the right solutions to the issues surrounding the loading bay and other areas of a facility.

Please download our free guide on the below link:


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