May 19th, 2016
3 mins

Enterprise Flex-E-Rent Supplies Luxury Car Transporters for Exotic Rentals

Enterprise Flex-E-Rent has created two bespoke transporters for the company’s Exotic Car Collection in the UK. This will ensure the safe delivery of some of the world’s most desirable rental vehicles to any location in the country.

Enterprise EFER Exotic Rentals 05.16 A (MedRes)Enterprise Flex-E-Rent specified two DAF 55 LF180 transporters for this unique challenge because of their width, which is suitable for the special design of many sports cars, and because the tilt and slide design of the body enables the whole of the deck area to slide off the back of the chassis and sit almost level with the ground. This makes loading easier as the load bed is virtually on the ground and lessens the angle of approach for the driver to negotiate when loading or unloading a luxury car.

Danny Glynn, managing director, Enterprise Flex-E-Rent, said:  “The vehicles in the Exotic Car Collection can’t just be driven away from a branch like a normal hire car. Customers rightly expect an exceptional ‘white glove’ experience and for the cars to be treated like the masterpieces they are. That’s why we’ve created specialist transporters that are masterpieces in their own right.”

“Transporting luxury and high performance sports vehicles is a specialised operation. The transporters had to be covered units and also needed to accommodate the extra width to allow for the varying dimensions of the cars in our Exotic Car Collection. We had to make sure we could fit the complete range through the opening on the roller door.”


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