Jul 24th, 2018
3 mins

Major Fleet Boosts Productivity With CoolKit

CoolKit has delivered the first fleet order for their new insulated box vans — providing their customer Wellocks with a 15 per cent payload improvement when compared with their previous vehicles.

Award-winning CoolKit has developed unique construction techniques which utilise ultra-light materials to create their new product, which has already won the prestigious Vans A2Z and Van FleetWorld Van Innovation Award.

Already renowned for its refrigerated panel van conversions, CoolKit says the need to improve productivity as vehicle emissions regulations tighten was the principal driver of the development of their unique box van.

Rupert Gatty, Managing Director of CoolKit said: “We listened to our customers’ needs and in response we designed bodywork that offers durability, quality, strength and flexibility way above current industry standards.

“We’re innovators, always looking to make improvements. When we turned our attention to this product type we had a lot of the knowledge and experience learned in panel van conversion production as a foundation.

“Our aim wasn’t just to produce another box body, but to produce one that would shake up the market — combining the best in quality and productivity. Key to that was identifying innovative new materials in a way that no-one else has.”

This first fleet order – from leading nationwide food ingredients specialist Wellocks, was for ten Mercedes Sprinter box vans. The new body provides an extra 151kg of payload per vehicle when compared wih Wellocks previous vehicles.

James Wellock, Managing Director at Wellocks, is delighted with the vehicles.

He said: “Our new CoolKit-bodied vans provide a very welcome increase in vehicle productivity at a time when so many other factors are having an adverse effect.”

For more details, contact CoolKit on 0845 459 5418 or


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