Sep 18th, 2015
6 mins

McCain launches jackets for foodservice

-An authentic oven-baked jacket in under 15 minutes-

McCain Foods has launched McCain Signatures Jackets, enabling caterers to maximise sales and keep customers coming back by speeding up service and delivering authentic, consistently large and tasty jacket potatoes. In addition, they reduce waste and ease pressure on storage space.

Developed in response to research that showed customers want great tasting, filling and healthy options that offer value for money, McCain Signatures Jackets are slow baked using only the best British baking potatoes to deliver crispy skin, a fluffy texture and fresh oven-baked flavour, in under 15 minutes.

Great tasting jackets can be achieved from scratch, but seasonal variations in crop quality and cost can make it difficult to maintain consistently good results, manage budgets and is time consuming. Waste can also be high because of the difficulties of predicting demand.

Waste is also an issue for operators using alternative prepared frozen options, with research showing that they are frustrated by the waste and increased cost caused by inconsistent potato quality and size.
McCain Signatures Jackets guarantee a consistent larger size and quality, helping to reduce these prep costs as caterers can cook to order in minutes, only using what they need. Each jacket is cross cut and cooked in a bespoke oven, exclusive to McCain, to ensure a quality, consistent jacket potato which is cooked perfectly every time.

Richard Musgrave, McCain Foodservice Senior Brand Manager, says: “McCain Signatures Jackets are quick, easy to prepare and profitable, perfect for menus where consumers are looking for great tasting, filling and healthy options that offer value for money.

“The jacket is often overlooked, but its versatility means it can be used on the menu all year round and fillings can be adapted to suit any outlet. From those who pride themselves on a value for money offer, whose customers want more traditional toppings, such as beans and cheese, to high end caterers offering on-trend options, such as Korean chicken and kimchi.

“Being able to mix and match toppings also gives consumers variety, meaning if they have a good experience they will keep coming back. Offering a range of topping add-ons and upgrades also presents a great opportunity for operators to increase profits and stand out from the competition. For example, coleslaw could be switched for superfood kaleslaw for a small additional charge or more premium options could be offered at a higher price point, such as cream cheese and salmon.

“By serving McCain Signatures Jackets, with their consistently larger portion size, consistent premium quality and oven-baked freshness, caterers can avoid waste and feel confident customers will keep coming back.”

McCain Signatures Jackets helps caterers:
Reduce prep costs:

  • Save time
  • Reduce weight loss
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • No wastage

Ease cash flow:

  • Smaller case size
  • Less money tied up in jackets stock

An on demand, easy solution:

  • Free up freezer space, with a smaller, convenient size pack
  • Cook to order
  • No shortfalls
  • Easy solution

Oven baked freshness every time:

  • Consistent premium quality
  • Appealing skin colour
  • Consistently large sized jackets
  • Reliable all year round

To find out more information about McCain Signatures Jackets please visit:


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