Mar 12th, 2018
4 mins

McCain Make Marketing Design Easy

McCain Foodservice is launching a range of creative marketing support to help operators stand out from competitors and maximise profits around key dates and menu events.

From printed flyer and poster creation, to emails and social media posts, McCain has created a range of impactful designs and interchangeable graphics to meet the stylistic needs of different operators, enabling them to create and market their own events and menu theme days, including Mothering Sunday and Easter.

Jo Holborn explains why it’s so important: “These templates can help operators create a standout marketing campaign within minutes, for free, maximising the most profitable events in the calendar by grabbing the attention of customers and encouraging them to plan visits.

“Our research shows that in a highly competitive trading environment professional marketing content can provide a vital edge, helping operators to stand out from the crowd and attract customers, but many just don’t have the time or resource to create it. In addition, with many consumers now searching online to choose their dining destination they can no longer rely on a board outside the pub or a poster, they need to be discoverable.”

This is backed up by research from OpenTable which shows that the two things diners are most likely to do before dining are making reservations (88%) and finding a restaurant online (87%).

Lee Byers, Food Operations Manager at McManus Pubs, emphasises the importance of effective marketing, saying: “These marketing support materials are so useful. Big calendar occasions, such as Mother’s Day, offer a chance to increase profits but also a massive opportunity to get your business in front of a new audience. However, there is so much competition for that custom that if you’re not pro-active and you don’t promote these occasions properly, you’ve got no chance.

“Once you’ve got your marketing materials in place the most important thing is to plan how to get it out there. We promote well ahead of the date and make sure social posts go when people are most likely to see them. As a general rule of thumb we’re already promoting the next big occasion the day before the current one has even taken place.”

To download a range of on-trend marketing design templates just visit


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