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Clearwater is the largest holder of shellfish licences and quotas in Canada. We catch wild-caught premium shellfish – scallops, lobsters and clams - mostly from the North Atlantic off the coast of Nova Scotia, but also from the continental shelf off Argentina. Clearwater places a very strong emphasis on sustainable fishing and has the widest range of MSC-certified shellfish in the world. Vertically integrated, Clearwater has its own factory vessels, which freeze its scallops within one hour of capture, thereby retaining their freshly caught taste and texture.

Clearwater’s shellfish is unique due to a number of factors; the provenance of the pristine, icy waters of the Canadian fishing waters, our sustainable-fishing practices, our rigour in quality and traceability and the ‘freshly frozen’ technique which results in outstanding product delivery, all contribute to the exceptional quality of our products. Our distribution network allows us to distribute these products to importers, Food Service operators and retailers. We store our frozen shellfish in a depot in Boulogne-sur-mer; in addition, we have frozen storage capability in two cold warehouses in the UK.

Our wild-caught, frozen-at-sea Canadian scallops won the 2019 Food Service award in the Frozen Seafood category of the Product Excellence Awards, sponsored by The Caterer magazine. Our frozen High Pressure processed Claw & Knuckle lobster meat comes in a convenient, ready-to-cook format which requires no preparation and avoids waste, thereby saving time and money for the operator. The vacuum pouch packaging can be inserted into boiling or simmering water and left to poach for several minutes, before adding to a risotto or pasta.

We are also proud to offer our Macduff range of premium, wild-caught shellfish – scallops, brown crabs and langoustines - from UK and Irish waters. Macduff scallops are caught from UK waters and frozen with their roe on; they are available as meat or in the half-shell. Our Scottish-caught langoustines are a delicacy which are delicious to eat, either pan-seared or poached, served simply with brown bread and mayonnaise.

Macduff scallops and langoustines come from fisheries which are part of the Project UK Fishery Improvement programmes, aimed at achieving MSC certification-readiness within five years. Macduff has been and continues to be a major contributor to the scallop stock assessment project, which is vital for providing science-based evidence to enhance the future management of the fishery. The Macduff plant in Mintlaw has BRC A+ certification.

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1st Floor, Kardelton House
Arthur Road
WINDSOR, Berkshire
SL4 1SE, United Kingdom



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