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Well targeted, business focused corporate social responsibility still remains one of the most under-utilised business tools for reducing a company’s costs, building partnerships with customers and suppliers, engaging with your employees and responsibly managing your environmental and social impacts.

Collins McHugh can help you change that situation quickly and cost effectively. We have been quietly building a reputation for creating excellence in corporate social responsibility since 2005. A number of our clients have gone on to win major awards for their corporate social responsibility activity across a range of disciplines including responsible marketing, diversity, integrating corporate social responsibility, community engagement and environmental management.

​We are passionate about what we do and we look to bring that passion to your organisation, or simply help to focus and direct the passion that already exists. However, we realise that the only truly sustainable corporate social responsibility is that which brings business benefits and at each step of the way this will remain our focus. Collins McHugh specialise in working with companies to devise (or review) corporate social responsibility strategies and integrate them into your business, directly linked to your business targets, corporate vision and brand values.

Our key areas of operation in the Frozen Food industry are the baselining of carbon usage and strategies to reduce to meet the Government's net-zero carbon target for 2050. Calculating the positive social impacts of your company's operation and more specific areas around topics such as modern slavery. We also think there is an untold story if the industry around nutrition, portion sizes (linked to obesity) and food waste, all areas where the frozen food industry play an impressive role

Our Guiding Principles

To be open, honest and transparent in all that we do.
To understand our clients’ needs and work collaboratively with them.
To be solutions driven.
To provide the quickest, most efficient and cost effective processes to achieve results.
To be a great company to do business with.

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Down Court Business Centre, 29 The Downs
Altrincham, Cheshire
WA14 2QD, United Kingdom



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Jul 22nd, 2021
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