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After more than 85 loyal years of service in the transport industry, you can say that we are an experienced player. No freight, route or logistics issue is unknown to us. Yet there is one specialty in which we really excel; that really explains who we are as a logistics partner. We deliver. We always arrange and deliver it for you, no matter the circumstances! That's what we do.

Passion for logistics
At DLG, more than 360 employees work day and night to move your freight efficiently from A to B. They do this by means of refrigerated transport, frozen transport or conditioned transport. Some of our people are behind the wheel, in the well-known DLG trucks that shine on the road throughout Europe. But the action also takes place from our offices, literally behind the scenes. This is where the smartest logistics solutions are devised, which we then deploy on the road, in your warehouse and at all other moments in the logistics process. This makes us more than a transport company. We are your logistics partner.

Together, cleaner, smarter.
Together we deliver solutions that result in the best results for your customers, for the quality of your cargo and for the success of your organization. Since we are a future-oriented organisation, sustainability plays an important role in this. We provide smart transport routes and modes that are the least harmful to the environment, including by analyzing and minimizing the fuel consumption of our trucks. With more than 62,000,000 road kilometres in our pocket, we think ahead every day, towards a cleaner transport world.

Always on schedule
Punctuality is not a wish for DLG customers, but a fact. Thanks to our accurate transport planning, we ensure that your cargo arrives at the right time and at the right location. We have 700 loading units and 200 towing units, covering 32 countries. Anywhere in Europe and at any time of the day, or night! We also take care of all peripheral matters related to international transport, such as documentation and warehouse activities, according to the agreement. This makes us more than a transport company. We are your logistics partner.

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Transportweg 2, 2676LL
Maasdijk, Netherlands



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