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METTLER TOLEDO is a global manufacturer of precision instruments and a service provider. The company ranks highly in a number of market segments and is a global market leader in many areas. METTLER TOLEDO is a large provider of weighing systems and analysis instruments for use in laboratories and in-line measurement within demanding industrial and food production processes.

The Product Inspection division of METTLER TOLEDO designs stand-alone and fully-integrated automated inspection technologies to help frozen food manufacturers boost productivity and improve product quality and safety. The division includes METTLER TOLEDO Safeline Limited, manufacturing metal detection solutions that automate essential processes and reduce recall risks. Safeline X-ray inspection designs x-ray technologies that go beyond contamination detection to help improve product quality and enhance brand protection. Garvens and Hi-Speed Checkweighing provide advanced precision weighing technologies to reduce costly overfills and improve production line efficiency. CI-Vision designs label inspection solutions to detect label defects, thereby reducing the risk of rework and product recalls. For frozen food manufacturers, data management software ProdX™ monitors all product inspection data in real-time to digitalize food safety compliance.

In summary, METTLER TOLEDO smart product inspection solutions help manufacturers to boost productivity and offer consistently high product quality and safety, thereby working to protect consumers, and the brand reputation of manufacturers as well as their products.

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LE4 1AW, United Kingdom



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