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ALPAL is bulk packaging, re-imagined. The first of its kind.

A sustainable packaging solution that uniquely combines only the prime features of a pallet, flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC) and intermediate bulk container (IBC). Giving you the best of all worlds.

The ALPAL’s engineering genius allows it to both stack 6 units high and collapse in a 5-to-1 empty return ratio, creating superior supply-chain efficiency in both storage and transport. ALPAL’s extensive lifespan, durability and reusability enables zero waste and promotes a circular economy. Whilst keeping products secure and free from damage anytime, anywhere. What’s more, track and trace your packaging for unrivaled supply-chain visibility and resilience.

ALPAL transforms packaging as you know it. Efficiency, sustainability, reliability, and innovation- all in one.

ALPAL. We box smart.

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50 St Andrews Drive
Durban North, Durban
4051, South Africa



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