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May 24th, 2017
7 mins

Millennials want their Gluten-Free Cake and to Eat It!  Survey Reveals

A new survey has revealed that 1 in 3 consumers have bought a gluten-free cake in the last year – rising to 41% amongst millennials. In fact demand for gluten-free cake options has reached a new height with more than half of all UK adults wanting to see more available to buy.*

The research released by Almondy highlights the growing importance of offering gluten-free options to consumers – in particular millennials who are driving demand and sales. Accounting for 60% of the free-from category, the gluten-free market is now worth £438 million – increasing by 36% between 2015 and 2016^, which is why the Swedish bakers are urging chefs, caterers, and operators to increase their breadth and availability of gluten-free dishes, particularly during Coeliac Awareness Week (8th – 14th May 2017) which this year is focusing on eating out.

Madeleine Ahlström, Brand Manager at Almondy explains:

“Our survey reveals that there is continued high demand for free-from food with 28% of consumers revealing they have purchased a free-from product in the last year. Despite only 13% of consumers having a food intolerance – rising to 17% amongst 18-34’s – what our research highlights is that consumers – and in particular millennials – are increasingly looking to buy free-from foods as part of a lifestyle choice.”

“This year Coeliac Awareness Week is campaigning for better gluten-free food whether you are eating out or grabbing something quick on the move, so there has never been a better time for chefs, caterers, and operators to take a fresh look at their offerings. Demand for gluten-free cake options – especially from millennials who really do want their gluten-free cake and to eat it – is growing year by year and we think that is going to continue. In fact 42% of consumers are more likely to order a free-from cake rather than a standard cake, if you don’t have a strong range available – particularly since consumers are more likely to buy cake when they have a coffee – you could end up disappointing them and missing out on valuable sales.”

Almondy’s range of confectionery inspired gluten-free cakes enables operators to meet consumer’s continued appetite and demand for chocolate cake. Our research shows 84% of consumers would buy a cake made with a chocolate brand and over half of consumers would buy a chocolate branded cake because of the taste reassurance. When it comes to Almondy’s cakes 64% of consumers would be very likely to buy their globally best-selling branded cakes, Daim Cake and Toblerone Cake, rising to an impressive 88% of those with a food intolerance.

Madeleine adds: “Having served the UK foodservice market for 12 years, Almondy is an established brand, known by 50% of all consumers and associated with great taste, quality and big confectionery brands. Our products are admired by both the gluten-free community and with bakery fans that love their confectionery. With 87% of consumers saying taste and quality are the most important factors when eating desserts out-of-home and a further 82% saying they are bored of traditional offerings and want to see new desserts on menus, there really is no better time for operators to start maximising the sales opportunities that Almondy offers.”

To support caterers, Almondy’s range of gluten-free cakes is made in a certified gluten-free bakery. The range of Almondy’s cakes includes Chocolate Cake with Toblerone, Chocolate Cake with Daim, the Caramel & Peanuts variety, as well as Chocolate Cake with Roasted Almonds which is both gluten and lactose-free, helping operators widen their free-from offering even further.

The dedicated foodservice range comes frozen and pre-proportioned into 12 slices to avoid waste as any unwanted slices can be stored in the chiller.

Baked in Sweden using only the finest natural ingredients, Almondy is enjoyed in more than 50 countries, by 106 million people every year globally.

*Toluna April 2017 ^Kantar 2016

To find out more about Almondy please call 01604 858 522 or visit


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