by MorePeople Ltd
Jun 1st, 2023
4 mins

As we’re growing our business, we’re always on the lookout for new people to join us! We recently held our first assessment centre at our office.

What are the benefits of an assessment centre?

Showcase your business and brand

A great way to show prospective employees the business in action. They can begin to picture themselves in the office environment, helping them to know if they want to work for you, too! We were able to have our candidates meet and complete tasks with wider members of our team and spend time in the office getting more of a feel of working at MorePeople.

See candidates in action

Our candidates had a jam packed few hours with tasks which we were able to create to replicate the life of a recruiter as much as possible, as well as some fun and thought-provoking tasks too! It’s a great way to see different qualities and personality types shine through with quick access to a range of competencies, helping to ensure the right people join!

Meet and greet

Enabling candidates to interact with existing employees is a great way to give the candidates the opportunity to as questions they want, and helps to see how they interact with different people. We had a range of team help out with tasks during the day.

Give / receive feedback

Assessment centres give a great opportunity to ask for feedback on the day/ process itself, and also allows you to give the candidate constructive feedback.

CEO Andrew Fitzmaurice comments;

‘To be at a point in our evolution where we are running assessment centres is an exciting state of affairs. We have been involved with clients who run them every so often and we prepare candidates for these interviews too – so we know their value. Our growth plans mean that we are on the front foot with internal recruitment, and we have the physical space in our amazing new Stamford office to be able to accommodate lots of new hires. Running a range of exercises with this group of candidates was a lot of fun, proved to be very insightful, and showed them what life might be like here too’.

If you’d like to come and see what it’s like to work at MorePeopleplease just get in touch!


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