Dec 2nd, 2019
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Dawn Foods has launched new frozen, ready to thaw plain ball donuts, ideal as the base for a range of creative decorating ideas to capitalise on the current trend for indulgent eye-catching premium donuts.

These classic plain Berliner donuts mean bakers can save time on preparing them from scratch and allocate more creative efforts towards adding different fillings and toppings. The donuts are made with Dawn’s authentic American Donut mix too, meaning consistent quality and delicious taste every time.

After thawing the donuts, they can simply be enjoyed on their own with a dusting of sugar. However, to capitalise on the indulgence trend, Dawn has developed a range of inspirational ideas to transform the donuts into a treat. They can be paired with Dawn Delifruit fillings in classic flavours such as strawberry or cherry or more exotic options like passion fruit for example. For a luxurious creamy filling, Dawn’s Neutral Fond can be combined with Dawn Compounds – concentrated flavouring pastes, and cream, or fill the donuts with custard for a classic all-time favourite.

When it comes to toppings, Dawn’s recently launched Dip Quik White Icing is a convenient option as it is ready to use – simply dip the donut in the icing for a professional finish. Dip Quik can also be easily customised with different flavours and colours to create truly eye-catching treats.  Dawn’s hot glazes, icings and ready to use buttercream style frostings can also be used to finish the donuts which can then be decorated with colourful curls, chocolate shavings or even fresh fruit or sweets.

Recipe for Chocolate Hazelnut Indulgence Donut:


Thaw the Dawn® Berliner Plain Donuts.

For the filling:

Add 200g Dawn® Neutral Fond to 200g water (min 22˚C) and mix until fully dissolved. Add Dawn® Cocoa Compound to taste/colour, mix in thoroughly.

Prepare 1000g whipped cream and add 1/3 of the cream and fold it in. Add the other 2/3 of cream and fold it in until fully combined. Make a hole in the side of each donut to allow for the filling.

Place the prepared Cocoa cream filling into a piping bag and pipe 20g into the centre.

For the icing:

Place Dawn® Glossy Icing Chocolate into a microwavable bowl and heat up to 45°C. Then dip the top of the donuts and leave them to set. You could achieve an even more indulgent taste with Dawn® Chocolate Belgian couvertures, which require melting to a dipping consistency, then pour over the top of the donuts.

To finish, sprinkle with crushed hazelnuts, decorate with chocolate treats and to top off, add a Dawn® Chocolate Glossy Icing drizzle.

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