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May 31st, 2016
3 mins

New highbay warehouse

Snack Food Poco Loco HighbayAfter several years of negotiation and procedures, Poco Loco is proud to announce that it has green light for building its highbay warehouse.

For the moment, all warehouse activities of Poco Loco are outsourced. Goods and materials are stocked in different places in external warehouses. This way of working is not the most efficient. Hence we started looking for a place to build our own warehouse some years ago.

This month we were able to finalize our search. The land across the actual production site in Roeselare was purchased, and the authorities agreed with our proposal for building a high bay warehouse.

A fully automated warehouse

This new building measures 8000m² and is 43 metres high. The warehouse is fully automated. Machines will store the pallets, whereas (wo)men operate from a control room. The warehouse will be able to store 42.000 pallets.

The warehouse will be connected with the current production site via a bridge that will automatically shuttle finished goods and raw materials via conveyor belts. The bridge will be 100 meters long.


Whereas today all goods are shuttled via truck, in the future the mere part will be transported internally via conveyor belts. This new way of working will eliminate approx. 25.000 truck rides per year, being a reduction of 185.000 kg CO2/year.


The project will shortly start with the civil works and will last for approximately 18 months. The new warehouse should be operational by beginning 2018.

The whole project implies an investment of approximately 40 million euro.

We believe this is a “ticket to the future”, a way of working that will allow us to grow and be productive in a sustainable way.


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