Nov 1st, 2016
10 mins

Lantmännen Unibake UK unveils NEW insights identifying key sales drivers for Sweet Pastry, Savouries and Burgers

Leading bakery supplier, Lantmännen Unibake UK, has unveiled NEW insights identifying the key sales drivers for three product categories: Sweet Pastry, Savouries and Burgers.

The in-depth research[1], conducted amongst key consumer focus groups in the UK, identifies texture and appearance as key drivers to purchase in Sweet Pastry. In Savouries, four need states are driving sales: ‘Fuel On-the-Go,’ ‘Discreet On-the-Go,’ ‘Quick Family Meals’ and ‘Grown Up Moments.’ Meanwhile, international insights show that architecture and composition are pivotal to driving sales in Burgers.

Louisa Gould, Category Strategy Manager at Lantmännen Unibake UK, says: “Fully understanding the target consumer for Sweet Pastry, Savouries and Burgers is fundamental to success. Detailed analysis of the comprehensive research has given us a much deeper understanding of who these consumers are and what motivates them to purchase. This creates a significant opportunity to shape bakery offerings in line with consumer demand and positively influence the bottom line.”

Sweet Pastry sales drivers: texture and appearance

Lantmännen Unibake UK carried out consumer research via focus groups and identified the following sweet bakery key drivers:

  • High quality, flaky and freshly baked pastry is something every product must deliver and consumers expect, and often enjoy, the flakiness of the product as this is a sign of a quality pastry.
  • A good level of glaze is important to provide fresh cues to the consumer and ensures the product looks like it has been finished with care, inviting them to consume it.
  • The bake colour must also be spot on, not too dark or too light, to demonstrate that the pastry is expertly baked to perfection.
  • Finally, well finished icing on Danish pastries is critical to success.  It helps to demonstrate the care that has gone into perfecting the product and shows an element of hand finishing.  It also provides attractive sweet cues and adds a sweet texture to the product.

Savouries sales driver: consumer need states

Via in-depth research, conducted by Lantmännen Unibake UK[2], four need states have been identified to help outlets capitalise on continued growth in Savouries:

  1. ‘Fuel On-the-Go’: The research shows that the savouries consumer demands convenience at the fixture. Louisa Gould comments: “The consumer is looking for quick on-the-go products that allow them to multitask. Whilst convenience is king, freshly baked and filling products with fairly strong flavours work well in satisfying demand.
  2. ‘Discreet On-the-Go’:. “Consumers with a savoury preference are looking for something smaller to get them through to the next meal,” explains Gould. “This means that, freshly baked,  crisp bakery products with a low aftertaste are must-stock items for this need state.”
  3. ‘Quick Family Meals’: The research has identified an opportunity for savouries to help provide variety at family meal times. “Stocking comforting, convenient and easy to eat products that have milder flavours suitable for children and adults will help to drive a purchase” suggests Gould.
  4. ‘Grown-Up Moments’: The savouries consumer can demand time for themselves away from the children. “The opportunity here is to provide sophisticated and indulgent bakery options and flavours, supported by more complex textures. This will enhance the relevance of the category to adults and promote these ‘grown-up moments’, encouraging sales.

Premium burgers

Burgers are forecasted to be the third biggest cuisine in growth terms over the next 3-5 years[3], demonstrating an opportunity for caterers and outlets to review their menus and ensure their burger offerings are on-trend and premium from bread carrier to fillings.

Burgers sales driver: architecture and composition

The Food People recently identified the mega trends and sub trends in burgers.  Some of the key findings were as  follows[4].

  • Burger buns provide the potential to grow both sales and margin and have played an integral part in the rise of the burger. As consumers continue to focus on great quality ingredients and the visual presentation of the meal, the burger is greatly enhanced by the bun which appears fresher when they have a shiny glaze.
  • Consumers seek innovation in burgers including the carrier and look for the next “big” thing as growth continues via increased consumption occasions.
  • Meat is taking centre stage and outlets are maximising the opportunity this creates to showcase their credentials around quality, sustainability and ethical sourcing to customers.
  • Meat blends are increasingly being used to create the perfect patty, combining different cuts or different meats to alter the burger’s richness, lightness, fat content, accessibility and ultimately flavour as well as price.
  • “Dude food” is presenting itself in mega portion sizes enhanced by bold and punchy flavours. The idea of “meat on meat on meat” and “dirty” foods is becoming increasingly popular. “Dirty” foods refer to dishes that are traditionally regarded as fast food, but made with high quality ingredients.
  • Chilli is increasing its presence in everything from the patty to the bun as well as in condiments and relishes. Menus are also boasting specific named chillies, such as Scotch bonnet for the daring, jalapeno for the cautious and Gochujang for the adventurous, to cater for this trend.
  • Personalisation is providing greater possibilities for consumers to personalise their burger experience, choosing their own bun, meat or vegetarian patty, fillings, toppings, condiments and size to add a personal flair.

Louisa Gould concludes: “The opportunity for the operator on the back of this in-depth consumer and trends research is to apply the key sales drivers to their own outlets. Shape your offerings of Sweet Pastry, Savouries and Burgers around these key sales drivers to ensure they deliver against current and future trends and consumer demand. You will reap the bottom line benefits as a result.”

[1] Insight on Foods – (6 focus groups conducted in the south and midlands with representative demographics and all regular consumers of savoury ISB products

[2] Insight on Foods – (6 focus groups conducted in the south and midlands with representative demographics and all regular consumers of savoury ISB products

[3] Allegra Menu & Food Trends 2016

[4] The Food People Burger Trrends June 2016


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