Jun 5th, 2019
4 mins

New look for Big Fish™ Traditionally Smoked range

Family seafood firm, JCS Fish, has unveiled a fresh new design for its BigFish Traditionally Smoked products.  The distinctive new packs for BigFish Oak Smoked Salmon and BigFish Oak Smoked Sea Trout will bring added seafood appeal to either the chilled or frozen aisle of any discerning retailer.


Commercial manager of JCS Fish, Jack Coulbeck, said: “The redesign of our core smoked range marks the first step in our project to improve packaging across the BigFish range.  As well as updating visual appeal, we are planning new formats which will improve the environmental friendliness of our packaging, with less waste and increased recyclability.  In this case, we have reduced the pack dimensions by about 10% to cut the use of plastic film.”


Despite the smaller format, pack weights for both BigFish Traditional Smoked Salmon and Traditional Smoked Sea Trout remain the same.  Products are available in either 100g or 200g, in both chilled and frozen formats.  All are traditionally cured and D-sliced for convenience and easy serving.


BigFish Oak Smoked Sea Trout is using a strain of rainbow trout that is slow grown at sea.  It is an increasingly popular alternative to Salmon and from the same family, but with a uniquely delicious, slightly sweeter flavour and a character all its own.


Also in this range is a new BigFish Whole Smoked Salmon Side, also pre-sliced and with a minimum weight of 900g, which makes it perfect for seasonal entertaining.


BigFish Traditional Smoked Salmon was the winner of a Great Taste Award in 2018.


Range details

Traditionally Smoked Salmon OR Smoked Sea Trout, 100g RRP £4.95 (fresh) £4.49 (frozen)

Traditionally Smoked Salmon OR Smoked Sea Trout, 200g RRP £7.95 (fresh) £7.49 (frozen)

Traditionally Smoked Salmon Side, D Sliced (1kg) £28.50 (fresh) £27.00 (frozen)



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