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Mar 7th, 2016
5 mins

NewCold ‘pay-as-you-go’ for Buffaload double-deckers

NewCold, the deep frozen storage and distribution specialist has added a number of temperature controlled double-deck trailers to its fleet which, says the company, will bring further efficiencies to its recently opened cold storage facility in Wakefield.

BuffaloadProvided by the vehicle rental division of Buffaload Logistics, the trailers are operated on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis whereby NewCold pay only when the trailers are in use. An on-board telematics system monitors their whereabouts and automatically sends Buffaload a record of every journey.

“We are always looking for innovative ways to provide bespoke logistics solutions” says Buffaload Sales Director Graham Usher. “In this instance, NewCold need a flexible arrangement whereby any additional load requirements can be met at short notice without the need to add new vehicles or to pay for trailers while they may be parked up between assignments. Our trailer rental arm has the equipment and technology to make this possible.”

The new Wakefield site is fully automated with a storage capacity of 55,000 pallets at a temperature of minus 23 degrees C. The automated loading docks are also fully temperature controlled to eliminate any temperature fluctuations along the supply chain. Additionally, there are 600 pallet locations on a purpose-designed picking floor with fully automated replenishment and mixed pallet discharge. The site operates seven days a week on a continuous 24 hour basis. This enables the automated system to receive and dispatch customers’ stock at any time of the day or night.

“This operation marks the arrival of a new standard in brand consolidation” says NewCold’s Tom Cassells. “Built on a strategically located green field site, on exit 32 of the M62, the new Wakefield facility offers a step up in deep frozen storage and distribution services for food manufacturers, processors and major retailers throughout the UK. Our aim is to build a consolidation platform like no other in the country and with the recourses and deep frozen supply chain experience of NewCold, we are ideally positioned to succeed.”

Furthermore,” adds Tom, “full automation and minimal handling in a controlled temperature environment combine to ensure fast turn round, reduced damage and absolute product integrity. Every aspect of our operation is scrutinised to achieve maximum efficiency, which keeps costs and energy consumption under control. Similarly, owing to their high pallet capacity, these trailers from Buffaload enable us to reduce vehicle miles, which also adds value and contributes to our carbon reduction programme.”

NewCold is building a network of large-scale cold store and distribution sites throughout Europe. In addition to Wakefield in the UK, the company has facilities in key locations in France, Germany and Poland and plans to open 1 to 2 new sites per year with Italy, Spain and North West France next in line.


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