Aug 20th, 2019
5 mins

Oakland International Encourage Staff To Get On Their Bikes!

Getting on his bike, Oakland International Distribution Manager, Luke Attwell

Family business, multi temperature supply chain, logistics and distribution specialist, Oakland International, has enabled its employees to change their mode of work transportation by signing up to a cycle to work scheme.

Oakland International HR Director, Cory Winstanley, commented: “Oakland International has always been committed to supporting employee welfare as we know and recognise that our employees are our most valuable asset.”

Cycle to work schemes were introduced in 1999 by the Government as a way of encouraging more commuters to ditch the car in favour of cycling to work. Employees at both of Oakland’s Corby and Redditch facilities are now be able to join the Cycle2work scheme run by Halfords.

“Signing up to Cycle2work from Halfords will make it that much easier for all our team members to enjoy and benefit from cycling to work. As we continue to recruit more team members it made sense to introduce the scheme so that all employees could benefit.” added Cory.

Oakland International remains one step ahead of current thinking in terms of staff welfare, with the Government recently encouraging businesses to offer free bicycle loans, employee counselling and free fruit; pedal power is nothing new to Oakland who as part of their green vehicle initiative five-years ago introduced electric bikes, eleven years ago introduced free ‘fruit breaks’ and just last year introduced staff counselling as part of their employee benefits package.

Halfords Business Development Manager, Russell Davies, commented: “At Cycle2work we want to share our passion for cycling to work, by delivering the best in choice, value and service for you. The customer is at the heart of everything we do, using heritage and culture to deliver the ultimate cycling journey. Through our unique solution we are proud to offer a scheme that fits you, enabling everyone to live fitter and healthier lifestyles and we believe that our mission statement aligns with Oakland Internationals values and want to do everything we can to support that.”

By signing up to the Cycle2work scheme Oakland hopes that they can, in a small way, encourage more of their team to leave their cars at home and cycle to work.

Added Cory: “Oakland’s ethos has always been to introduce new welfare and green initiatives where we can into our business, systems and processes, replacing energy rich with renewable alternatives and increasing our use of clean, green eco-friendly options. Continual evaluation and review of employee welfare will remain top of our agenda.”



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