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Nov 8th, 2017
4 mins


Paramount Invest In The Future:

South West-based seafood and vegetarian manufacturer Paramount continues to invest in its production facility to supply growing global demand for its foodservice products. Paramount is increasingly looking outwards for opportunities in new markets across the world and, in the last three years, has been laying the foundations for global growth.  As the business has grown, the product range has also increased – as well as seafood and vegetarian the range also now includes vegan and gluten-free products, paving the way for expansion in Australia, Asia, Europe and potentially the US and Canada. Meeting rising demand, whilst continuing to ensure continuity of service and quality for all customers in the UK foodservice market is a priority for Paramount.

Increasing Supply For Increasing Demand:

The business remains loyal to its founding values of quality, service and innovation and a key part of this has been continued investment in its production capability. In the last year alone Paramount has invested over £500,000 in new machinery to increase capacity: key investments include extra freezing capacity along with extra ambient, chilled and frozen storage space and modern weighing and bagging equipment.

Next year shows no signs of this investment slowing with further plans already committed for extra capacity on its frying line to facilitate greater production coupled with improved product quality and further investment in production capability in order to support new and exciting product launches into the global market.

Social Responsibility:

Focus is not all on extra capacity – the business takes its responsibilities to the environment and employees very seriously. We pride ourselves on being a responsible and caring company and continually look for ways to improve how we impact and interact with the world around us. Subsequently Paramount have invested in energy-efficient refrigeration equipment that provides greater capacity but uses less energy per tonne produced, and modern staff facilities to accommodate its growing workforce.

MD Jon Phillips

“It is vital we continue to invest in our capability and facilities, but whilst doing so be mindful of our impact on the environment and the trusted and loyal employees that work for us. In our 30th year the founding principles remain as true today as they did in 1988, but the business of today is modern and relevant to the markets we serve now and into the future.” MD Jon Phillips


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