Feb 1st, 2018
5 mins

Paramount Launches NEW gluten-free VEGGIE BURGER AND FISHCAKE range

Paramount 21 has launched an exciting range of delicious new products which have been inspired by the latest food trends. Since 1988, this award-winning family business based in Devon has been passionately developing premium, added-value, frozen seafood, vegetarian and vegan products catering for today’s fast-paced foodservice industry. Using market insight Paramount has its finger firmly on the pulse of flavour, ingredient, cuisine and lifestyle trends. With a focus on balancing market demands with user needs – such as ease of back-of-house preparation and speed of service from freezer to table, the experienced and passionate Paramount NPD team have developed five new innovative and on-trend products.

With around 1.3 million Britons on a gluten-free diet, the demand for gluten-free products and menu options is evident (Coeliac UK). With this in mind, all five of Paramount’s new products are gluten-free and certified by Coeliac UK.

Their two new uncoated, vegan burgers are versatile alternatives to rival meat burgers and diversify menu offerings. Tapping into world food trends, the Quinoa, Beet & Edamame Burger is seasoned with aromatic flavours and spices, finished with a citrus twist. With hints of smoky sweet BBQ and a kick of chipotle, their BBQ Lentil & Mixed Seed Burger is so delicious it will even tempt non-vegans to try it. Both of these innovative burgers have the benefit of versatile cooking options: oven bake for that healthier option, or deep fry for speed of freezer to table.

Paramount’s exciting new seafood range includes an uncoated Spicy Blackened Salmon Burger – a Cajun twist on a classic and popular fish. This creative, blackened burger packs a punch of flavour to delight taste buds and is great served in a toasted bun with citrus cream cheese and mango salsa. They have also launched a Cod & Asparagus Fishcake – MSC cod blended with creamy seasoned potato and asparagus encased in a crunchy gluten-free rice flake coating. This fishcake can be used to offer a comforting classic for cold winter days, or create enticing twists with accompaniments such as Romanesco broccoli and shoe string fries.

With world food trends remaining popular, new generation flavours have taken over, with the new kids on the block such as katsu curries becoming more prevalent on menus. Paramount’s new Katsu Curry Fishcake is an inventive twist inspired by Japanese flavours and is a great option to keep any menu on-trend. It contains MSC cod and haddock, has a crispy gluten-free rice flake coating and is totally moreish when drenched with sweet katsu sauce.

Paramount has a range of products to suit all menus and occasions and these additions offer delicious choices for those seeking new gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan menu options.


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