by Petit Forestier UK & Ireland Ltd
Dec 12th, 2023
6 mins

McClures, a family-run wholesaler, has been able to expand its business and meet customer demand thanks to the integration of Petit Forestier’s state-of-the-art cold storage containers.

Based in the heart of the Lake District, McClures continues to grow its customer base and orders at a rapid pace, but redeveloping their existing business premises at scale has been a huge challenge due to the strict planning regulations associated with the area of outstanding natural beauty.

A search for a new, larger headquarters has proved equally difficult as the company wishes to retain its foundations in Windemere, where it champions local supplies to the regional hospitality sector.

McClures instead looked for alternative solutions to grow their cold storage and effectively utilise the space the business already has.

After successfully leasing several vehicles from Petit Forestier, they turned to the refrigeration experts searching for an answer to their storage problem. Three years on, McClures now leases four cold storage containers from Petit Forestier, all on long-term hires.

The collaboration has not only enhanced the company’s storage, but the containers have played a pivotal role in the unprecedented growth McClures has seen coming out of the pandemic.

Jeremy Cowan, Transport Manager at McClures, said: “Coming out of the first lockdown we saw our business go from barely ticking over to off the scale when people were unable to go abroad but could travel around the UK. The lake district became a prime spot for holidaymakers, and we quickly found we were running out of storage space and struggling to meet customer demand. With not being able to easily build onto our current premises and the addition of not wanting to move away from our customers, it soon became an issue.

“With Petit Forestier’s cold storage containers, we have been able to meet the demands of our customers and stay local, without the need to invest resources into moving premises or going through lengthy planning applications. The containers are easy to install, and the reliability and ease of use have not only optimised our storage, but they’ve contributed significantly to our overall business growth.”

The cold storage containers come with a range of innovative features that include customisable solutions tailored to your business, reduced operational costs, and minimal noise when in operation.

Jeremy added: “The only thing we have to do often is check that they’re still running! The containers are so quiet and bearing in mind we’re surrounded by hotels and guest houses; we have had no complaints about the noise the containers produce, so they really have been a perfect solution for us.”

Chris Algeo-Brown, Head of Cold Storage Solutions at Petit Forestier UK & Ireland, explained: “Petit Forestier has a long history of pushing the boundaries of innovation in the refrigeration industry. Our cold storage offering is a testament to our commitment to meeting the evolving needs of our customers including getting the containers to them quickly and then providing ongoing maintenance services from our Field based Refrigeration Engineers. We’re thrilled to offer McClure the most advanced solution for maintaining their cold chain.”


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